Huawei working hard to launch new OS

Huawei Exploring Linux-based Sailfish OS Fork As Its Android Alternative

"The hybrid one is likely to have more bugs in it than the Google one, and so could put Huawei phones more at risk of being hacked, not least by China". The world's biggest maker of telecoms network gear was barred from doing business with U.S. tech companies, including Alphabet's Google, whose Android OS is used in Huawei's phones.

As writes the edition, the producers have already begun to test the new OS from Huawei as a potential replacement for Android.

Huawei is pushing back the global launch of Mate X from June to September.

A senior USA official on Thursday said Huawei's clients should be asking themselves if the Chinese firm can meet its commitments given its dependence on United States companies.

The countries being mentioned are Cambodia, Canada, South Korea and New Zealand, besides Peru and the European Union.

Broadcom Inc has warned of a broad slowdown in chip demand, blaming the US-China trade conflict and export restrictions on Huawei, and cut its revenue forecast for the year by 8 per cent.

In addition, from the same source ensures that worldwide problems will not represent an obstacle for Huawei to grow again in 2019 and managed to distribute, in the annual calculation, more terminals than in the past year.

He also told Reuters that Huawei, the world's second-largest maker of smartphones, could roll out its Hongmeng operating system (OS) - which is being tested - within nine months.

The applications to trademark the OS show that Huawei wants to use Hongmeng for gadgets ranging from smartphones and portable computers to robots and vehicle televisions. If the ban is continued, Google won't be able to provide any updates to the Android OS on Huawei devices thus forcing Huawei to develop its own version of the software (something that Huawei has already been working on). The company has been denying that it has anything to do with spying for the Chinese government.

There remains, of course, some doubt over how this upgrade will actually happen, as the looming USA trade ban would likely prevent a wide-ranging Android Q upgrade program, but it seems that some users might be able to get it, and that's better news than none.

Huawei's ambition to become the world's top-selling smartphone maker by the fourth quarter of this year are now delayed, a senior Huawei executive said this week.



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