Russia Police Detain More Than 400 At Moscow Journalist Protest

Police arrest a man at a protest inspired byt the arrest of journalist Ivan Golunov who was released on Tuesday after international outcry

Russian police said they have detained almost 400 people, including opposition leader Alexei Navalny, at a protest in Moscow over the alleged framing of a journalist, Wednesday, June 12.

Hundreds of of us possess been detained at a Moscow rally anxious punishment for police who detained an anti-corruption journalist.

The case against the reporter, Ivan Golunov, was dramatically dropped by Russia's minister of internal affairs this week, but protesters said they wanted the police officers responsible for his arrest to be prosecuted.

The journalist's attorneys and press freedom activists stated the treatment had been planted in express to silence the investigative journalist. [Another issue is that] one must not use force [during detention] in any case.

Under Russian law, the time and place of protests involving more than one person needs to be agreed with the authorities in advance.

The Interior Ministry said some 1,200 people participated in the demonstration. As police beat up the protesters and even detained random passers-by, President Vladimir Putin congratulated the nation, saying he would do everything to promote the country's "further prosperity and development".

Among those detained on Russia Day, a public holiday, were opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who faces up to 30 days in jail, teenagers and Russian and foreign journalists.

Police officers detain a protester during a march in Moscow, Russia, June 12, 2019. Russian press also rallied around Golunov, with three major business newspapers publishing matching front pages Monday to call out his arrest. Many saw Golunov's release as a Kremlin attempt to crush the new protest wave. But in a controversial move, Meduza's top editors and several other journalists urged Muscovites to call off the protest after Golunov's release, triggering a storm of criticism.

A member of workers from German magazine Der Spiegel become as soon as held as successfully as journalists from Vedomosti and Echo Moscow Radio.

Leftwing political activist Sergei Udaltsov said the Gulanov case was an important moment.

Protests of his arrest gathered strength quickly, apparently catching authorities by surprise.

What took role to Ivan Golunov?

Golunov's case has also sparked debates over the need to reform the law on drug possession in Russian Federation, which, critics, say, have been used to silence opposition figures and truth-seeking journalists.



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