Trump Threatens China Tariffs if Xi Jinping Refuses to Meet

'Clock Is Running Out' for Trump to 'Conclude' Trade Disputes, GOP Senator Warns 'Damage Will Be Long Term'

U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly said he is getting ready to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Osaka summit at the end of June, but China has not confirmed it.

When Donald Trump first floated the idea of imposing tariffs on Chinese goods as retaliation for China's long history of illegal trade practices, many so-called experts doubted that the president's bold tactic would succeed.

The 10-Year yield of the U.S. treasury is a generally followed indicator of market risk tone.

"Yes, it would", he answered.

"We made enormous progress, I think we had a deal that was nearly 90% done", Mnuchin told CNBC. "I would be surprised if he didn't go". He's actually an incredible guy, he's a great man, very strong and very smart.

Negotiations between China and the United States on a trade deal have stalled since talks broke down in early May, with both sides blaming the other.

Trade talks with China hit an impasse last month after the president accused Beijing of reneging on provisions of a tentative agreement.

Heritage Foundation Fellow Joel Griffith on President Trump's threat to impose additional tariffs on China. It also wants curbs on subsidies for Chinese state-owned enterprises and better access for USA firms to Chinese markets.

"If there is concrete news on this, China will release it in a timely manner", Geng said.

The Chinese statement did not mention any country by name, but the United States has restricted US firms from selling technology to China's Huawei, suspecting the company of building spyware into its telecommunications products. Trump on Friday backed off a threat to impose a 5% tariff on Mexican imports if its southern neighbor did not ramp up efforts to curb the surge of Central American migrants traveling through Mexico to the United States.

Trump's instigated trade war is meant to make China a weaker partner in the global economic sphere.

"Had a Democrat gotten in., China would have caught us", he said. You'd have auto plants going up all over the country, and there would be no tariff.

Mr. Trump bristled at those naysayers and said he would prove them wrong.

Last week, Powell helped fuel a rally in the stock market by holding out the possibility that the Fed will soon cut rates to protect the economic recovery from any damage resulting from the Trump administration's trade wars.

The interview signaled that Trump plans to use the same adversarial approach in the coming weeks that he has used for more than a year with foreign leaders. We got everything we wanted. Part of that anxiety was sparked by Trump's threat to impose tariffs on Mexico unless it stemmed the flow of migrants to the US, which he rescinded on Friday evening.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) also recently concluded that USA tariffs have had a "significant" impact on China, causing the IMF to lower its forecast for China's future growth.

Trump, in a wide-ranging and apparently impromptu interview with CNBC, said he was "scheduled to have a meeting" with Xi during the G-20 summit in Osaka, but Chinese officials have refused to publicly confirm the gathering.

But Trump says he expects Xi to attend.

"We should be entitled to have a fair playing field, but even without a fair playing field - because our Fed is very, very destructive to us - even without a fair playing field, we're winning, because the tariffs are putting us at a tremendous competitive advantage", he said.

For some Chinese experts, this sounds again like a trick.



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