Google announcing Stadia’s pricing, games, and launch details this week

Google Stadia isn’t waiting until E3 to make its big announcements

Though Google revealed a lot of information about Stadia during its initial announcement, it left several key questions unanswered like its pricing and release date.

Billed as the next step in gaming's evolution - supposedly pushing dedicated consoles like the PlayStation 4 aside - it's still hard to imagine that we'll all be streaming our video games once Stadia launches later this year.

Google just can't wait until E3 to reveal more information about its streaming service Google Stadia, so the company is hosting the first ever Stadia Connect (think similar to a Nintendo Direct) this Thursday.

The livestream will take place this Thursday, June 6 at 9 a.m. PST over on the official Stadia YouTube channel.

Google has already confirmed that Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Doom Eternal will both be playable on Stadia, but that's a pretty slim lineup on its own. The broadcast promises "announcements, games, and more". That's when we'll learn about upcoming Stadia games and the service's pricing structure. Google want to bring Stadia to nearly every single "screen". The service will let gamers play standard PC games within anything that can browse the web, including a TV, a phone, a tablet and of course a PC.

Stadia will support most game controllers, meaning you can use virtually any pre-existing game controller you may have on a device.

Google announced the live stream in a tweet today, complete with a link to the YouTube page where it'll all go down.



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