Apple expected to retire iTunes in favor of standalone apps

Apple is finally going to put iTunes out of its misery					
		Andy Meek			@aemeek					May 31st 2019 at 2:26 PM					 Share Tweet

Now, The New York Times reports that 17 affected by that purge have proposed Apple create an API so their apps can return to the store without violating the company's strict privacy guidelines. Before iTunes debuted, the music industry was tearing its hair out trying to combat illegal file-sharing on Napster; Jobs' new product presented the digital era's first sustainable, user-friendly way to listen to music. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is likely to discontinue iTunes on its devices, marking an end to the aging software.

And Apple faces charges in Europe of abusing its platform by discriminating against rival apps, including one complaint from streaming music service Spotify. The consolidated application will be broken up into three Mac apps: Music, TV, and Podcasts.

Remember iTunes? That old-fashioned computer program where all the digital music you'd bought and paid for used to live?

Macs will receive three new apps to supplement iTunes: Music, TV, and Podcasts.

In May's 5-4 Supreme Court ruling, the justices rejected Apple's argument that consumers lacked standing to proceed with their lawsuit because the tech giant was merely an intermediary with app developers. In other words, iTunes is going away and will be replaced by the new Music app, which is expected to become the new utility for syncing and managing Apple devices.

The music platform - which would add videos by 2005 - helped drive the vast popularity of the Apple iPod, as it was a convenient place to store music burned from existing CDs or purchased on its iTunes Store. While that seems to be the biggest expected change with iOS 13, some have also speculated that there will be new health features and changes to Apple's own apps. After all, iPhones and iPads already have standalone apps like this.



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