'Game of Thrones' Fans Theorize Jaime Lannister is Still Alive

‘Game of Thrones’: How “The Bells” Proved These 9 Storylines Didn’t Actually Matter

A new "Game of Thrones" theory has a lot of compelling evidence suggesting Jaime Lannister might not be dead.

As motivations go, love - even in all its dysfunctional and occasionally incestuous Westerosi permutations - is a powerful one and, because it's irrational in addition to conveniently reversible, its application can cover a multitude of plot sins.

In a separate incident, a "Game of Thrones" episode leaked last week before its public TV airing. There's no way he survived. The scene is not only a fitting tribute to an enduring and complex relationship, but also closes the loop on a promise that Jaime himself makes in Season 4. Despite the intimating might of her dragon, Daenerys decides to methodically burn King's Landing to the ground, massacring the citizens she's spent so many seasons claiming she wants to save.

This ending was a nice rebuttal to his original entry, which focused on how Jaime was the Kingslayer. Jaime's resigned little sigh in the moment, however, should also be noted as the genesis of a key fall-back reason for any "Game of Thrones" character doing bad or otherwise inexplicable things over the last couple of hastily-plotted seasons at least. A flashback to that moment could show the juxtaposition of the Lannister brothers. Jon Snow, who later met Tyrion, was warned by the latter of the consequences of letting an unstable and unfit woman like Dany rule the seven kingdoms. Tyrion tried to do the same, but Daenerys refused to listen to reason and torched the city. Tumblr user weedsareflowerstoo came up with the theory that Jaime is still alive because of the lack of post-mortem interviews and cryptic tweets. And when Hibberd was asked where the interview was on Twitter, he responded, "Holding that one for a bit". Those final moments were some of the most emotionally successful, satisfying scenes in television, and while the clamour for a redo from certain sections of fans will continue to grow (because they didn't get what they wanted), it was the right way to end it.

David Benioff and Dan Weiss brought alive the world of "A Song of Ice and Fire" on the small screen in 2011, and it has been a ride full of drama, action, betrayal, murder, mystery, hope and scares since then, making it a global phenomenon. Primarily, we got to see this through Tyrion's eyes - and rightly so, because he had a huge hand in all of the bloodshed through his actions - and that's why the revelation of Cersei and Jaime's bodies was so surprisingly heartbreaking.



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