Epic Games hosting Mega Sale


The studio has since apologized, but this could have all been avoided if Epic was more transparent with the publishers and developers it is hosting. At the same time, the next game in queue, Rime, will also be free from 23 May to 30 May.

Fanatical Steam supporters lose their marbles about games not being on Steam.

I get folks have issues with Epic's store.

Epic's recent mega sale event should have been a grand success, paving its path towards publicity among gamers worldwide. As a result, the sale has been downgraded slightly compared to just 24 hours ago.

First up, there's the traditional sale model. The store is promoting discounts of up to 75% for selected titles.

But that's not all. It seems that the publishers were not ready for this situation and this discount on their unreleased games. You can still pre-order the game, but the $10 discount will no longer apply.

Those values will vary slightly based on where you live. In Euro, that's €10 off games over €14.99.

Finally, Epic Games has also announced it's expanding its "free game every two weeks" program during the Epic Mega Sale. This offered some nice savings on major titles like Borderlands 3 and Detroit: Become Human.

But that's still not all. A pretty signifcant discount though is the promise of £10 any game priced at £13.99 or more. That means World War Z is 43% off, Metro Exodus is 45% off, and the final season of The Walking Dead is effectively 78% off.

Similarly, Borderlands 3 publisher 2K commented: "We are working closely with Epic and have temporarily removed Borderlands 3 from their storefront". Moreover, Epic Games has also put in place retroactive benefits to grant refunds to users who bought a game just before the sale began.

Even so, Epic should add these basic features to the Store. As has been discovered over the last day, a lot of publishers are not happy with Epic dropping a sale out of the blue. In that time period, a free game will be given away every week, starting with today's offering, genre-bending anthology Stories Untold. In Paradox's case, it's doubly dicey, seeing as Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 isn't out yet. For its report, Kotaku contacted both Paradox and Epic Games for a statement.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 and Oxygen Not Included were taken off the Epic Games store by Paradox Interactive and Klei Entertainment.

To get it, go to the Epic Games Store website and click the blue panel in the top-right corner that says "Get Epic Games".

I pre-purchased a game before the start of the Epic Mega Sale and that game hasn't launched yet.



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