Ubisoft's Skull & Bones Delayed Again, Skipping E3 2019


Once again, the title's nebulous release date has been delayed. The Skull and Bones Twitter account wasn't much more helpful, although it did confirm in various tweets that there are now no target dates for beta testing or release.

Ubisoft's Q1 started on April 1, 2019 so the current fiscal year will end on March 31, 2020.

Skull & Bones was set to launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC but given the rather long delay and that we also expect new consoles in 2020, you might find it being a launch title for PlayStation 5. While the publisher's most recent games in four franchises have produced wonderful results, the biggest news came from the future games that are in their portfolio.

"You may have heard that the Skull & Bones release date has been pushed back and we will not be at E3 2019", producer Karl von der Luhe said in a video message. One of those is Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which will be released on October 4th. Skull and Bones has been charting its way through development waters for a good while now, and while it was originally scheduled to reach the 2019 dock after it had been forced to sail past an autumn 2018 window, it looks like it'll be spending some more time at sea. We had some small hope yesterday that a new Splinter Cell was in development, but it turned out it was just a Ubisoft dev "joking" around.

Ubisoft won't be short on big game releases in the meantime though. More information at E3 and gamescom this year seems likely.



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