Iran Tells Iraq Militias to Prepare for Proxy War

State Department Orders Non-Essential U.S. Government Employees Out Of Iraq

The current military escalation certainly bears an uncanny resemblance to the final stages of the Iran-Iraq war when U.S. and other allied warships were deployed to the Gulf to prevent Iran from disrupting vital trade routes through the Strait of Hormuz.

Even if one regards the relationship between Israel and any U.S. administration as a foreign policy issue - as it should be, the reality of balancing interest networks and election considerations makes Washington's support to any Israeli prime minister, any time, a strategic policy that transcends party lines.

But any Iranian move against the USA faces difficulties as it risks harming ties with neighbours, including Iraq, Therme said. "There is no infighting whatsoever", Trump said in the same series of tweets on Wednesday.

For Iraq to be a theatre for proxy wars is not new.

"This threat stream is very similar to what we saw in 2011 in Iraq, where they were firing the equivalent of barrel bombs at our installations", the officials said later, adding "and it's the same [Iranian-backed Iraqi] groups: it's Asaib Ahl al-Haq, it's Kataib Hezbollah, it's [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps]-commanded and controlled Iraqi militias, and so I'm seeing the same threat reporting and I'm seeing the same preparations that I saw back then".

The United States is not alone in curtailing activities in Iraq.

Far less, of course, was the bilateral agreement under the previous U.S. administration, which not only chose to downgrade its relations with America's Arab allies, but also turned away from the USA strategic principles in order to rewrite its regional alliances.

Houthi-run Masirah TV said 11 strikes hit the capital on Thursday and 19 were conducted across rebel-held Yemen in total.

European nations have urged the US and Iran to show restraint.

A state-aligned Saudi newspaper went further, running an editorial calling for "surgical" USA strikes on Iran in retaliation.

That "high level of alert" affects how USA troops operate, limiting the movement of non-essential service members and requiring them to bring full equipment "everywhere they go for protection and security", a US official said on Wednesday.

Moreover, most Iranians believe the country's predicament will get even worse as the impact is felt from the Trump administration's decision earlier this month to end the waivers it allowed to certain countries, such as China, India and Turkey, to continue buying oil from Iran until alternative arrangements could be made.

In Iraq, Iranian-backed Shiite militia helped us to defend Baghdad from the southerly advance of ISIS, which had taken Mosul. "This is an imminent threat to our personnel". "They wanted guarantees that Iraq would stop those groups threatening US interests", one senior Iraqi military source with knowledge of Pompeo's trip told Reuters. In other words, Israel - which is likely to bethe first target of Iran - Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Gaza, etc. will be dragged intothe conflict.

A few days later, as U.S.

Employees were urged to depart the country by commercial transportation as soon as possible and avoid US facilities within Iraq. "It wasn't quite a call to arms, but it wasn't far off", one source said.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said it is not.

In the absence of any credible threat, the United States evacuation from Iraq can have only one of two purposes. Pompeo also said he wanted to underscore Iraq's need to protect Americans in their country.

"We do not make these decisions lightly", the U.S. Embassy said in a statement.

"Iran is not falling to its knees", the diplomat said on condition of anonymity. He added that any attack on USA troops could come as retaliation if the United States were to carry out a military operation against Iran.

Trump prefers a diplomatic approach to resolving tensions and wants to speak directly with Iran's leaders, the officials said, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday.

On Sunday, the United Arab Emirates alleged that four oil tankers off its eastern coast were targeted by sabotage.

Saudi Arabia's deputy defence minister on Thursday accused Iran of ordering Tuesday's armed drone attack on two oil pumping stations in the kingdom.

One or more vessels incurred light hull damage, but what caused the damage and who was behind it remains unknown.

On the streets of Baghdad, some shrugged off the rising tensions while others anxious their country could be sucked into another war. The war that followed left entire Iraqi cities and towns destroyed until Iraq declared victory in 2017.

The conservative premier said that Paris was "extremely determined" to adhere to global rules related to arms sales and had "intensified" its exports controls regime.



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