German crossbow deaths police find more bodies

Three bodies found with crossbow wounds in German hotel room

The room in which the bodies were found remains sealed.

All three victims were from the German states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Lower Saxony.

The revelations began on Saturday morning when an employee at a quiet inn on the river Ilz near the southern German town of Passau discovered the bodies of two women and one man after repeated knocks on the door of their hotel room failed to get a response, the Associated Press reported.

They were met with a freaky and horrifying scene - a 54-year-old man and two women, aged 30 and 33, dead with crossbow bolts through their mid-sections and two crossbows lying on the floor.

Local media reported that the man and the 33-year-old woman were found dead in bed holding hands, with bolts in their heads and chests.

Three people were found dead with crossbow injuries in the hotel.

Police in Germany are investigating the mysterious discovery of three bodies shot with crossbow bolts in a Bavarian hotel room.

Two crossbows were found Saturday.

The newspaper quoted Bavaria police spokesman Stefan Gaisbauer as saying: "Currently, there are no indications of a possible participation of other persons". Yet it unclear what exactly happened in the woodland inn.

Police in Bavaria added that they are now carrying out autopsies on the bodies, and that they have seized a white Renault pick-up which the victims drove to the hotel in.

On arrival on Friday evening they simply wished other guests a "good evening", then went upstairs to their second-floor room with bottles of water and Coca-Cola, said the guest, quoted by Merkur.

By Saturday evening police announced that there was no further evidence at the guesthouse and it reopened for business. The post-mortem is to be carried out early in the week.



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