ANC leads the elections, DA holds the main opposition status

Sunset at Table Mountain National Park in Cape Town

Although some foreign investors will be persuaded to return by the business-savvy president, the ANC, under pressure from populists, is still sending mixed messages about its reform plans. There is now a commission looking into high-level corruption under the Zuma administration. The top candidate of the ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa, it seems, is that a second term for sure.

Hundreds of South African voters wait in long lines outside of a Durban polling station on Wednesday.

In KwaZulu Natal, meanwhile, the ANC looks set to secure its majority, with a share of 53.47%, on 75% of the votes counted.

However, many voters stayed loyal to the ANC.

The African National Congress (ANC) has won every parliamentary election since 1994, and opinion polls predict it will again win a majority of the 400 seats in the National Assembly, the lower house of parliament.

Most opinion surveys before the vote had suggested the ANC would secure almost 60 percent of the vote because of the Ramaphosa appeal and a fractured opposition.

The Independent Electoral Commission has begun the task of tallying all the votes that will come in from across South Africa from Election Day, which took place yesterday.

Our reporter on the ground, Daniel Mumbere, gave a rundown of the process of special voting on The Morning Call.

The election comes 25 years since Mandela led the ANC to power in the country's first multi-racial ballot, which marked the globally-celebrated end of the apartheid rule. The ANC President has steadied the ship and rescued the revolutionary party from the scandal-ridden years of the Zuma presidency which were plagued with scandals related to State capture. Zuma denies any wrongdoing. Its leader, Mr Malema, has ramped up the rhetoric on expropriation of white-owned farms without compensation and this has resonated with the masses, most of whom are farm workers and their descendants. But he faces a struggle convincing some members of his party to back his reformist agenda. Its biggest win was in 2004 when it won the parliamentary election with 69% of the vote, under former head of state Thabo Mbeki. A party of the white minority, VF Plus, increased from 0.9 to less than 3 percent. The only way the ANC could be removed from government is by another deal between the DA and EFF.

He said he didn't support a re-run of the vote "at this stage".

From 2000 to 2001, Marais was mayor of Cape Town Mayor between 2000 and 2001. The DA's projected vote veers just as wildly.

At the last election in 2014, the ANC won 62% of votes, the DA 22% and the EFF 6%. The IEC has said it will be looking into this but several parties have complained saying the ink made it possible for folks to vote twice, EWN reports.

Enforced land redistribution is also an ANC policy - alarming some investors.

The Economic Freedom Fighters, founded six years ago by former ANC youth leader Julius Malema, was nearing nine percent.

Despite the ANC's storied past as the liberation movement that brought freedom and an end to apartheid, its reputation has suffered in recent years from rampant corruption, influence-peddling scandals and accusations that it failed to deliver on a promise to end inequality for black South Africans who suffered in the times of institutionalized segregation.



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