Microsoft launches Azure for AI and blockchain

Azure Blockchain Service

JPMorgan's blockchain network allows organizations to build new blockchain applications in just mere weeks, according to company's head of blockchain initiatives Umar Farooq. These are the services that are most similar to human cognition: image recognition, speech-to-text, translation, and so on.

Microsoft has announced a series of new Azure services and developer technologies ahead of its Build conference next week that will make it easier for developers to to create new AI, mixed reality, IoT and blockchain projects. The company has detailed steps in Azure with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Microsoft is also launching a new Cognitive Services category, called Decision, that delivers specific recommendations to users for more informed and efficient decision-making.

Visual machine learning interface provides no-code model creation and deployment drag-and-drop capabilities. Through this partnership, Quorum, developed by J.P. Morgan, will become the first distributed ledger platform available through Azure Blockchain Service, enabling J.P. Morgan and Microsoft customers to build and scale blockchain networks in the cloud.

Microsoft disclosed that more than 1.3 million developers use Azure Cognitive Services to integrate AI into their applications.

This can also be combined with a retailer's current recommendation engine, it was said.

First, Microsoft will be releasing Azure SQL Database Edge, which it says will support "the spectrum of edge compute needs.with built-in AI [and] in-database machine learning".

Another new product will be IoT Plug and Play, an IoT modeling language to "seamlessly connect IoT devices to the cloud". "Azure will bring unique strengths to enterprise clients using Quorum", said Farooq.

Going forward, Microsoft plans to add new capabilities to Azure Blockchain Service, including digital token management, improved application integration, and support for R3's Corda Enterprise. After configuring the underlying blockchain network with Azure Blockchain Service, you need to codify your business logic using smart contracts.

The company is also introducing a cloud-based blockchain service.

To help developers and data scientists apply AI, the company come out with a new set of Azure Cognitive Services power applications.

Microsoft is to position JPMorgan's private version of ethereum, Quorum, as the cornerstone of its cloud-based enterprise blockchain offering to customers.



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