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Zuckerberg jokes about Facebook’s privacy record in launching redesign

And some of those changes may even make us feel like our conversations are more private.

A cynic would say the legal trouble and upcoming fines under GDPR and the FTC will be just a drop in the ocean for the advertising behemoth's vast coffers, but that's not the kind of legacy Zuckerberg wants to leave behind.

But saying it is one thing, doing is another; and Facebook has been saying a lot lately. The company has been plagued by public data breaches that have captured the attention of regulators worldwide. That information was used to influence the 2016 USA presidential election. "This is the next chapter for our services", Zuckerberg told his F8 faithful.

It's also interesting that the new cleaner design looks similar to Instagram's design. The so-called FB5 update will also bring some tweaks to comment reacts to make that angry face all the more, well, angry. And in game groups, there will be the option to create different threads based on different topics.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg tackled the privacy concerns right from the start, noting that the platform faced harsh criticism due to some mistakes. Zuckerberg had also just testified before Congress about that and other privacy mishaps, but at F8 was already trying to put those troubles behind him. Facebook also is launching a Secret Crush feature that allows you to designate up to nine friends as Secret Crushes. "Haha, good times", one Twitter user said, reminding the online community of the Cambridge Analytica scandal a year ago, in which it was revealed that a British political consulting firm had purchased information on over 87 million Facebook users. Those shortlisted will get a message someone has a crush on you' And if both shortlists each other, they will get to know they have a mutual crush.

Facebook Dating wants you to hit on your friends In case you wanted to Facebook to know your sexual preference too, the Facebook dating service is still live and rolling out to more countries over the coming months (15, up from five).

Besides unveiling a new quicker and lighter Messenger app with end-to-end encryption, and new features for Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook announced today some changes that are being made to its flagship app.

The mobile app takes up less space, making it faster to load and respond.

Since Facebook attempts to recuperate from a string of privacy lapses that have rocked the business within the past 15 months zuckerberg established this new accent.

"We rewrote practically all of the code from scratch", Facebook head of messaging product Stan Chudnovsky told AFP. The changes are meant to help people focus on connecting with others and to downplay the competition for likes and followers. It was even more freakish for the CEO of the company to preface an hour-long deep dive into new privacy features with an extremely weak joke about their awful history of mismanaging data. Sharma confirmed that all messages will feature end-to-end encryption, which should insulate users and content they share from backdoor spying. So, going forward, Messenger users will be able to communicate with WhatsApp and Instagram users directly within the Messenger app. A global payment system will also be unveiled soon and will be named WhatsApp Pay. Since then we haven't seen many updates in the feature until now. Facebook/Instagram insists on its blog that "100% of the money raised on Instagram will go to the non-profit organization you support". But, as an advertiser, she is "focusing on gaining answers to questions around receptivity to adverts, measurement, and brand safety" - questions that Facebook's walled garden structure already made hard to answer. It is now available on Instagram in the U.S. A pilot program allowing users to buy directly from influencer posts is also in the works. The new feature will launch in the next few weeks, Facebook said. If your Facebook interface doesn't show you a Groups tab, you can always access the section by heading to the rightmost tab with three lines. Zuckerberg said this to encourage connection between users versus posting photos and videos for likes.



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