Measles outbreak passes 700 cases as vaccination gets unexpected support

A Los Angeles County Department of Public Health poster lists the symptoms of measles

The vaccination status of 125 of the remaining 201 cases was not known.

Measles has surfaced in 22 states in 2019, and the vast majority of people diagnosed with measles this year have not been vaccinated. For herd immunity to kick in and protect people from measles at a population level, the number of those vaccinated needs to approach 95 %.

As of Monday, the Ohio Department of Health said no cases of measles had been reported in the state. But now public health officials are concerned that we have reached a risky point where measles could regain a foothold in this country. It was a much smaller community than New York City or Los Angeles and was tamed by an intense investigation and vaccination campaign that involved 230 health workers tracking down infected people and those they had contact with, at a cost of about $865 000. "You cannot have a patient walking into a waiting room with measles without a mask on because they can infect everyone". Misguided parents buying into junk science and conspiracy-minded Facebook groups have been convincing each other that vaccinations are bad for years now.

Health officials are now urging any unvaccinated residents to get the MMR vaccine.

While most recover from the infection, measles can lead to serious complications.

That's believed to be the case in LA where officials still have dozens of college students under quarantine and they are telling hundreds more people to stay home because they may have been exposed to the measles.

Measles can be prevented with a measles, mumps and rubella vaccine.

Meanwhile, an outbreak centered in New York City's Orthodox Jewish community has topped 400 cases, with 33 new cases boosting the total to 423 cases, according to the latest update from NYC Health.

Measles infection is also brought into the country by travellers say the officials. Early symptoms may include fever, cough, runny nose and red, watery eyes.

Health officials say current measles outbreaks in the USA are fueled by the anti-vaccination movement, which questions the safety of vaccines and frequently spreads false information on social media. Most common countries from where infections have reached the U.S. include Ukraine, Israel and the Philippines. "The longer this continues, the greater the chances that measles will again get a foothold in the United States". In the days prior to MMR vaccination, there were about 4 million cases annually-of which 400 people died, and 4000 people developed encephalitis. In that year, 220 cases of measles were reported, according to the CDC.

There are now 202 confirmed cases of the measles in the Rockland County.

"However, there is no scientific evidence to support that", she said. Most of these are common symptoms with people who have colds and certain types of flu, which comes with its own risky and surprising complications. Amid the concerning outbreak comes vaccination support from a very unlikely source. In the United States, children are required to get two doses of the MMR vaccine, or measles/mumps/rubella, before they enter school.

California now has three outbreaks linked to worldwide travelers, and of the 38 confirmed cases in the state as of April 24, 25 reflect outbreak cases, according to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). "This year, we're celebrating 25 years of national infant immunization week".

There were 966 measles cases in England in 2018, up from 259 in 2017. Some children may have very mild symptoms.



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