Parrot Alerts Owners To Drug Raid By Shouting 'Police!'

Parrot would warn drug dealers when cops came near

A parrot was reportedly taken into custody by Brazilian police after trying to warn its owners of an undercover drug raid at their house, Brazilian media reported on Wednesday.

The bird is said to have been taught to alert criminals on police operations in the region which is known for it's low-income communities. It is being kept at a zoo in Teresina, reports. But this appears to be based off little more than the police's version of events, and there are reasons to doubt their account. Police believe the parrot, who was taken into custody along with its owners, was trained to spot police cars. A few years ago, Lorenzo made headlines as a lookout parrot that had a knack of foiling drug raids in Colombia.

The feathered felon raised the alarm as police entered the premises earlier this week: "As soon as the police got close he started shouting".

"The police said that when they arrived the parrot started shouting "the police arrived", the 'police arrived".

Web users called for the release of the bird and an environmentalist named Jaqueline Lustosa told Meio Norte that she had gone to the police department in attempt to free the bird.

A Brazilian journalist who attempted to interview the imprisoned parrot on Tuesday described it as '"super obedient".

In Colombia in 2010, a parrot named Lorenzo made global headlines after police recorded it warning his owners "Run!"

This is not the first time a parrot has been accused of aiding drug-trafficking suspects. In 2008, police seized two alligators during a raid in western Rio de Janeiro, claiming local gang members fed their enemies to the animals.



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