Trump threatens to send armed troops to Mexican border

Militia that has held hundreds of migrants at the border will leave their camp, police say

Trump tweeted Wednesday that "Mexico's Soldiers recently pulled guns on our National Guard Soldiers, probably as a diversionary tactic for drug smugglers on the Border", but he didn't support the drug-smuggling claim. "Better not happen again!" he tweeted.

His comment comes after the Associated Press reported US soldiers were stopped and questioned by Mexican troops this month, while conducting a surveillance operation on the USA side of the border.

Members of a militia that has held hundreds of migrants at the US-Mexico border are expected to leave their camp near Sunland Park, New Mexico, by Wednesday, police said.

But on Wednesday, he returned to criticizing America's southern neighbor: "Mexico is not doing almost enough in apprehending & returning!"

'Now, if they don't, or if we don't make a deal with Congress, the border's going to be closed, 100 per cent, ' he said, mentioning the USA might close "large sections of the border'".

The Mexican troops had believed the US soldiers were south of the border and therefore in Mexico. The Mexican soldiers who approached the US forces reportedly drew their weapons and ordered the American troops out of the vehicle.

Red State reports this has been going on for a long time: In 2007, the Border Patrol reported 42 instances of the Mexican Army crossing into the United States.

The Mexican soldiers had reportedly believed that they were on the Mexican side of the border when they were in fact on the American side.

"We are not going to fall for any provocation", he told reporters in Mexico City.

The incident has sparked a Pentagon investigation, which the official said "will help us modify any instructions that we're giving the troops" about how to deal with such a situation.

Trump campaigned on a promise to secure the border, and while Democrats previously authorized funding for border security, they have adamantly refused to do so now.

Horowitz says NORTHCOM confirmed that there are approximately 2,800 service members assigned to the border mission.

Trump also raised the alarm of an enormous caravan of migrants traveling up through Mexico.

Mexican authorities this week set up a checkpoint south of Pijijiapan with buses and trucks to haul the migrants back across the nation's southern border. "Most of the violence is in northern states and we prefer looking after the Central American migrant population in the south and southeast".

"How can you want to comply with this obligation if you don't at least ask this person, 'Hey, by the way, before we send you to Mexico, do you have a fear of returning there?'" Judge Paul Watford asked a Department of Justice attorney. That number is higher than the 404,142 apprehensions that took place during the entire 2018 fiscal year. That is because USA military personnel are typically armed.



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