Nicolas Cage's Wife of 4 Days Agrees to Divorce, Requests Spousal Support


The odd times that has been Nicholas Cage's life over the last month just added a new chapter.

The video shows Cage, looking a little worse for wear, taking on the lovely Prince classic Purple Rain in a karaoke bar Saturday night. But according to Cage, the marriage was just one big mistake.

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Nicolas Cage's estranged wife may have hit the jackpot even though their Las Vegas marriage only lasted four days. The makeup artist claims she missed out on job opportunities due to her relationship with the actor and that her reputation has suffered.

She argues their marriage doesn't qualify for an annulment but agrees to a divorce, the outlet reports. It's unclear whether the National Treasure headliner was indeed channeling any emotions he had over the demise of his latest marriage, which he said happened, in Vegas, because he was too drunk to know what was going on.

Cage has reportedly been dating a woman by the name of Erika Koike since April 2018.

It's the fourth marriage for Cage, who was previously married to Patricia Arquette, Lisa Marie Presley and Alice Kim.

Cage appears to be intoxicated as he tells her, "I'm not doing it".

The Con Air star also stated that Koike failed to disclose "the full nature and extent of her relationship with another person", and "the full nature and extent of her criminal history" which the documents stated includes "additional active criminal proceedings".

Cage has been married three times. She was also required to do community service and attend an 18-month alcohol and drug counseling program.

The site reported that Koike was "sentenced to 5 days in jail, plus a very aggressive alcohol program" in addition to a device installed in her auto.



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