Woman wakes after 27 years in a coma

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Munira Abdulla suffered a severe brain injury in 1991 after a bus rammed into the auto she was travelling home in.

The mother, who was 32 at the time, was hugging her son to protect him as a school bus ploughed into their auto.

"She was making unusual sounds and I kept calling the doctors to examine her, they said everything was normal", Mr Webair said.

They were sat in the back seat when the bus hit the vehicle and Ms Abdullah threw herself protectively around him. Omar - cradled by his mother before the impact - escaped with a bruise to the head.

Omar said: "All those years the doctors told me she was a hopeless case, and that there was no point of the treatment I was seeking for her, but whenever in doubt I put myself in her place and did whatever I could to improve her condition".

Now, she is able to call the names of her loved ones, recite prayers and hold conversations with people.

"She sometimes wakes me up to recite prayers with her".

The National reports that after being transferred to a London hospital following the crash, Ms Abdulla was determined to be in a minimally conscious state.

She was then returned to Al Ain, a city in the UAE on the border with Oman where she lived, and moved to various medical facilities according to insurance requirements. There, she was declared to be in a vegetative state - unresponsive, but able to sense pain - The National reports.

Munira was then sent to the UAE, where for years she was fed through a tube and provided with physiotherapy to stop her muscles deteriorating through lack of movement.

The woman, who was driving with her four-year-old son Omar, threw her arms around the boy to shield him, and he survived with only minor injuries.

I am grateful to Sheikh Mohamed [bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi] for that.

Doctors warned Mr Weibar that expecting his mother to wake after so long in a vegetative state was like "running wild with [his] imagination" - that is, until the day in June 2018 when he woke to the sound of his mother calling his name. "I was flying with joy", he says.

Over time, Abdulla has become more responsive.

He said to The National: "It was her!"

She has returned to Abu Dhabi, where she is undergoing physiotherapy and further rehabilitation - mainly to improve her posture when sitting and prevent muscles from contracting. "Don't consider them dead when they're in such a state", said Omar.



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