Robert Downey the only Avenger the Russos trusted with Endgame script

Thanos- Mad Titan's Mercy

The movie is also one of the most awaited movies of the year 2019. It is a known fact that there are a whole lot of Marvel fans all around the world, including the ones in India.

The predecessor to "Endgame", last year's "Avengers: Infinity War", left audiences with an epic cliffhanger in which numerous superheroes appeared to turn to dust, and fans are anxious to see what's next.

As we've learned on this press tour, it's not just the fans that are in the dark when it comes to what happens in Endgame.

Before wading into big budget blockbusters, the Russos began their careers directing some of the best episodes of Community, Happy Endings, and Arrested Development. "You're the first one I've told that to". Marvel has always kept secrets about its films, but never more so than now, when the conclusion of the 22 movie arc that makes up the MCU.

"That movie was so much about examining the Avengers as a family unit, and breaking them up, basically divorcing them in that movie". In the trailer, Marvel heroes will fight Thanos in the final film and they will do anything to save the universe no matter "whatever it takes". Sure we do know that there are several projects in Marvel Studios' pipeline such as The Eternals and Black Widow but none have been officially confirmed by the studio so far.

"But also because we have these skills from television and this taste for ensemble storytelling that I think complimented where we were going with the narrative in the MCU".

While they couldn't answer all of SYFY WIRE's questions as posed by Caitlin Busch, the Russo Brothers did manage to give us a little bit of the information we've been hoping for (spoiler-free, of course).

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