Mueller Report: President Trump cleared of collusion

GOP ‘Gang of Eight’ senator leaked all five major Trump-linked targets of Mueller probe to the White House after FBI briefing



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Mueller report details actions by Trump to obstruct probe
Staffers had been told by the White House to co-operate fully with Mueller's team and answer their questions truthfully. Barr, who will be testifying in early May, said Thursday he has "no objection personally to Bob Mueller testifying".

Rainy, breezy, chilly heading into the weekend — FORECAST
MONDAY'S torrential rain will feel like a distant memory this Easter weekend as Ireland basks in a mini-heatwave. Although it could be foggy to being with, temperatures are expected to soar to as high as 26 degrees.

Two Cans of Soda Increase Risk of Heart Disease by 31 Percent
Whether you are socializing, playing games, eating, or browsing online for the best sportsbooks in NY , soda is often a companion. Participants were quizzed on their health and lifestyle habits at two-year intervals throughout the term of the study.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Food
We do not know how it does it, but this food manages to hug us tightly as we eat all the stress away. Not the carbohydrates, but different categories for different days and different occasions.

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