David And Louise Turpin Sentenced For Abusing, Shackling Kids | Crime Time

Turpin captivity case: Children forgive parents for torture

The courageous girl's call that freed her siblings - some who had been chained to their beds - led to the opposite fate for their parents, David and Louise Turpin, who face 25 years to life in prison when sentenced Friday.

"I love my children so much.

I'm a fighter, I'm strong and I'm shooting through life like a rocket", one daughter testified.

David and Louise Turpin pleaded guilty in Riverside County Superior Court in February to torture and other abuse and neglect so severe it stunted their children's growth, led to muscle wasting and left two girls unable to bear children.

David Turpin listens to his lawyer as he appears with his wife (not shown) in court in Riverside, California, U.S. January 24, 2018.

"Okay, I live in a family of 15 people and my parents are abusive", she said.

How long will the couple be in prison?

David Turpin and Louise Turpin are seen appearing in court for their sentencing on April 19, 2019.

Some of the children described their household as a religious place where they believed what was happening to them was God's will.

Judge Bernard Schwartz said the children were not allowed to be filmed or photographed.

"Their lives have been permanently altered, and their ability to learn, grow and thrive".

Schwartz handed both parents a non-parole period of 25 years and ordered they not contact the children in any way.

What did the children say?

One of their sons told the court on Friday: "I can not describe in words what we went through growing up".

"Sometimes I still have nightmares of things that happened such as my siblings being chained up or getting beaten", he said as his voice cracked.

"But, that is the past and this is now", he continued.

"I love my parents", he said, "and have forgiven them for a lot of the things they did to us". He did not apologize for the abuse but wished his children well with their educations and future careers and hoped they would visit him.

He revealed how he now studying to be a software engineer at college and has learned to ride a bike, swim and cook healthy meals.

I want the court to know our parents loved each other and loved each of their children. I miss all of my children and I will be praying for them.

Jessica added that she was attending college and doing well. They'll have a chance at parole after 25 years.

"I personally met with the victims and, rest assured, they all are relieved to know this case has been resolved", Hestrin added.

Each of the children spoke of their faith in God. She jumped out of the window and used a cell phone to alert authorities.

But when deputies arrived, they were shocked to find a 22-year-old son chained to a bed and two girls who had just been set free from shackles.

The children, whose ages now range from 3 to 30, are in the care of child and adult protection agencies.

The children said they were beaten, caged and shackled to beds if they didn't obey their parents.

Almost all of the children were found to be severely malnourished; some of the older ones were so emaciated, first responders didn't realize initially that they were adults, according to authorities. They slept during the day and were active a few hours at night.

The filthy house wreaked of feces and urine.

David Turpin broke down in tears as he tried to address the court.

David requested that his attorney read his statement to the court. "I really look forward to the day I can see them, hug them and tell them I'm sorry". David Turpin was also charged with one count of a lewd act to a child, according to the Daily Mail. I'm blessed to be the mother of each one of them.



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