Rainy, breezy, chilly heading into the weekend — FORECAST

Grafiikka johon on merkitty pääsiäisen lämpötilat

MONDAY'S torrential rain will feel like a distant memory this Easter weekend as Ireland basks in a mini-heatwave.

The Met Office said it would be a glorious day in most areas, but that outbursts of rain, which are expected to clip north-west Scotland on Saturday, would be the exception. Although it could be foggy to being with, temperatures are expected to soar to as high as 26 degrees.

The warmest Easter on record was on Easter Sunday in 1949, when temperatures were recorded at 29.4C in Camden Square in north London.

"We could be beating a few records", said Emma Smith at the Met Office.

The hottest day of the year so far was April 18 in Wiggonholt, West Sussex at 23.3C.

There is a little uncertainty in Easter Sunday's forecast, but it appears we will see a mix of sun and cloud with a slight risk of evening showers. "As of Saturday morning we are at -0.50".

"It was a very Good Friday but it's an extraordinary Easter weekend ahead". "Devon is likely to be in the mid 20s - around 24 or 25". Eventually, there will be some steady rain showers even in the Boston area.

Here's what the weather is set to be like in Blackpool over the next four days. Low humidity will keep it feeling pleasant, as well.

Steve Willington continued: "It now looks like more changeable and cooler weather will arrive from the northwest from Easter Sunday, however there remains the chance that southeastern parts of the country could remain warm and settled into Easter Monday. We have a low risk of thunderstorms on the Tuesday, which means it will be humid with temperatures around 20 degrees", Ms Smith continued.



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