‘No evidence’ Trump tax cuts are trickling down to workers

Trump en route to the Twin Cities for tax event

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made the withholding more accurate, meaning the government owed fewer Americans and thus some were surprised to see their tax refunds drop from a year ago.

The tax cuts were lambasted on Sunday by Minnesota Sen.

"We're getting historic tax relief", Trump said April 15 at Nuss Truck and Equipment.

"It's a tremendous tax cut for people", Trump said.

Minnesota GOP Chair Jennifer Carnahan says the visit shows where the president's focus is. Many taxpayers do not understand, however, that a tax refund simply means too much money was withheld from their check, and they gave the government what was essentially a no interest loan.

Most economists - including at the Federal Reserve - anticipate growth will slump this year to just above 2 percent as the stimulus from the tax cuts wanes.

The Democratic hopeful also released a tax plan last fall that would pay tax credits that match a person's earnings up to $3,000 (or $6,000 for married couples), according to The Washington Post.

"That tax bill was a major missed opportunity", she said. "It's the largest package of tax cuts and reforms in American history". For middle America, the tax cut return/boost has been barely noticeable in their paychecks.

Companies are reaping benefits, using their savings to buy back stock at a record pace, according to TrimTabs Investment Research.

If you aren't able to finish your tax returns by midnight on April 15, you aren't alone.

The state's Democrats saw a huge overall resurgence during the anti-Trump backlash of 2018, notably in traditionally Republican suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Almost one-third of the tax returns expected to be filed this year had not been filed by April 6 (the most recent date for which IRS data are available). A key House committee, citing a 1920s law, has given the administration until April 23 to hand over six years' worth of Trump's business and personal returns. It's a state he narrowly lost to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Kirsten Gillibrand: While Gillibrand, a NY senator, said she supports making the middle-class tax cuts from the 2017 overhaul permanent, she has said she would repeal the "massive corporate tax cut", Mother Jones reported.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he wants to avoid allowing the Democrats to weaponize the IRS the way President Richard Nixon did.

Political analyst Blois Olsen says Trump is focused on Minnesota because he loves to win, and this is a state he nearly won. Speaking of the scene outside the warehouse, he added: "I see American flags waving all over and it's handsome".



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