William Barr: Censored Mueller report close to release

President Donald Trump speaks with reporters before boarding Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House Friday

Attorney General William Barr is returning to Capitol Hill for a second time this week as lawmakers, the White House and the American public anxiously await his release of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation report. Barr is up against Democratic Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler and Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

"I can envision a situation where under appropriate safeguards, that information can be shared", Barr said. "So all of this I think William Barr is going to investigate", Jarrett said.

Democrats said they were concerned that a four-page summary letter of the report's main conclusions Barr released last month portrayed the investigation's findings in an overly favorable way for President Donald Trump.

As he said: "I don't intend at this stage to send the full, unredacted report to the committee".

Mr Barr said his staff were in the process of editing out "sensitive" details - grand jury testimony, intelligence, information involving ongoing investigations and information on "peripheral" subjects of the investigation who have not been charged. Also, Mueller did not review or aid in the drafting of a follow-up letter Barr sent to Congress on March, 29th, he said.

Barr reaffirmed to members of the House Appropriations Committee that the first version of the report he plans to release - within one week, he said - would be redacted.

Now, the objective is to create a cloud of suspicion around Barr which, I guess, will cast doubt on the Mueller report.

"Even for someone who has done this job before", Lowey said, "I would argue it's more suspicious than impressive".

Barr said he wanted to look at all of the investigations that have already probed the matter, including Congress and the Justice Department inspector general, and see if any areas need additional investigation.

The idea is to determine whether the investigation into possible collusion with Russian Federation was motivated by an anti-Trump bias in the FBI and Justice Department.

Interestingly, Barr noted that Mueller's team did not play a role in drafting the original letter of summary given to Congress on the Special Counsel's report.

"Full release of the report to Congress is consistent with both congressional intent and the interests of the American public".

Barr said "the letter speaks for itself" and revealed that he gave Mueller an opportunity to review the letter, but he declined.

Speaking at the subcommittee, Mr Barr was questioned on why lawmakers had not been given special counsel Robert Mueller's full report and evidence.

Trump seems to have belatedly recognized the political danger.

Six leading Democrats, however, say they will fight the redactions. "It will never end, but that's the way life goes!" he tweeted Monday.

He said furthermore, he and Rosenstein had met with Mueller and his team on March 5 and had a preliminary discussion about the report. Everyone will soon be able to read it on their own.

LUCAS: Well, we got more details on how the department is handling the process of redacting the report before it's released to Congress and the public.

In response, Nadler said he expected to issue the subpoena, which the committee authorized last week for the report and underlying materials, once Barr releases the report.

They interviewed more than 40 witnesses, demanded hundreds of thousands of Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation documents, and held a hearing in attempts to bring attention to their suspicions.



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