Snow starts in region, winter storm watch coming

Potential Winter Storm For SE Wyoming Wednesday

While handsome spring temperatures have settled into the Plains and Midwest, folks there shouldn't get used to it.

Severe storms are expected over parts of eastern NE and north-central KS this afternoon and evening.

The potential is there for a "bomb cyclone" to impact the Plains this week.

The weather phenomenon with a complex scientific definition essentially entails a rapid drop in air pressure and a storm strengthening explosively. Forecasters have issued another bomb cyclone warning as part of this new storm system.

Snow began to fall in the area Wednesday morning, as the National Weather Service predicted a powerful winter storm for the region through Friday. The high wind gusts are also concerning, Leatham said.

The NWS has issued blizzard warnings for parts of Nebraska, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

The National Weather Service has upgraded 23 counties from a Winter Storm Watch to a Blizzard Warning. Snowfall totals in the Omaha area have been forecast at 1 to 3 inches, and the water equivalent of the rain-snow mix targeting Omaha could be a half-inch to 1 inch or so, said Accuweather's Bowers.

Travel across the Bong and Blatnik bridges between Duluth and Superior may be hard as well on Thursday, with 40-60 miles per hour winds expected.

While an April snowstorm seems like a punch in the gut, April snowstorms do happen.

Although it's springtime, winter weather isn't entirely unusual in April.

"Durango could get a dusting or a trace" of snow, he said.

In Colorado, 1,800 trained snow-removal personnel and 950 maintenance trucks are standing by.

"The historic nature is going to mainly revolve around the snow that we're going to see", Accuweather meteorologist Max Vido.

A major storm lies ahead which is expected to target Central United States.

'It's slow moving. It won't push farther east until Friday, ' he said.

Spring in Wisconsin can bring just about any type of weather and we will certainly be feeling it in the coming days.

Any fires that develop will likely spread rapidly and will be hard to control. So is much of the state, the high plains of Colorado as well as Kansas and Texas. Scattered power outages are likely over much of the Southwest.

Flooding in the already hard-hit Plains will be exacerbated due to the additional precipitation. Meanwhile, the winter storm warnings have been largely centered on Nebraska, Minnesota and South Dakota.

"It is a very wet snow", said Drew Lerner, meteorologist with World Weather Inc.

But even after the storm pass, the NWS warns the danger will not be over.

The Weather Service cautioned people in Duluth to stay off breakwalls and away from shorelines or risk being swept away or hit by lofted chunks of ice.



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