Fortnite is getting Reboot Vans which work exactly like Apex Legends' respawns

Cheaters and hackers complain about having their accounts banned

"Rebooted" players appear appear on top of the van, if multiple players have been revived, they will do so one by one.

If you're familiar with Apex Legends' respawn beacons that dot the landscape of Kings Canyon, then you've already got a good understanding of how Fortnite's Reboot Van works.

The van will be have an as-yet unspecified cooldown period.

While Fortnite may be an unstoppable juggernaut that continues to signal the cultural end times of our species, gamers looking for an alternative Battle Royale experience have found sanctuary in Apex Legends. Teammates can then take that card to a Reboot Van and bring them back. The players will be able to do so via the "reboot vans". Reboot Vans will be available in the game's 8.30 patch update. Apex Legends popularized some interesting and compelling twists to the standard battle royale formula, and in the time since it launched, we've seen Fortnite pick up a few of those ideas as well. However, instead of reverting those changes, Epic adds in the coveted Reboot Van. Teammates will drop banners upon being eliminated that can be taken by their other teammates to Respawn Beacons where they will be brought back into the game.

Players will be able to find Reboot Vans spread out around main points of interest in Fortnite's island. It's unclear if the reboot vans will be included in the upcoming "Fortnite World Cup."

We'll update this story once the Reboot Van locations are confirmed in v8.30.

Recently there has been much discussion about how Fortnite can slow down the game to have more players in the endgame.

Epic will nearly certainly get some criticism for ripping another feature from a rival game.



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