Netanyahu lands in Moscow for pre-election Putin meeting

Moscow theater? Bibi’s meeting with Putin designed to woo Israelis ahead of election, analyst says

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that Russia brokered the recovery of Baumel.

On Wednesday, the IDF Spokesperson announced that the body of Sergeant Zachary Baumel z'l had been located, brought to Israel and identified in Israel by a special IDF team led by the head of the army's manpower division, Major General Motti Almoz.

A senior Palestinian official slammed on Friday the remarks of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the Gaza Strip and the continuation of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. He will be buried in the military cemetery at Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem. Netanyahu is seeking a fifth term in the elections next Tuesday.

The disappearance of Baumel has long troubled Israel. "Zachary also has a sister".

Israel has been calling on Russian Federation to use its influence in Syria to prevent the Islamic Republic of Iran from securing a lasting presence in the country.

Syrian state news agency SANA said Damascus had no details on the discovery of the corpse.

Amir Oren, a veteran Israeli journalist and political commentator, said that while Netanyahu likely petitioned Putin on one of his favorite pet issues, Iran's military presence in Syria, the meeting was clearly held for domestic consumption back home in Israel.

A video released by the ministry showed the Israeli prime minister and Russian armed forces chief Valery Gerasimov laying flowers on a casket covered with an Israeli flag. He said that their remains had been transferred to Syria after the 1982 battle.

Putin said he valued Netanyahu's "attitude to the memory of Red Army soldiers", adding that Baumel shared the same fate as thousands of Soviet soldiers who went missing during World War II. Some 20 Israeli soldiers were killed. He was declared missing in action along with two other soldiers in the Battle of Sultan Yacoub. The other two remain missing.

"Two years ago, I turned to you with a personal request that you help us find the remains of the soldiers, including Zachary Baumel's, and you responded immediately", Mr. Netanyahu told the Russian president.



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