Gardai to probe spy risks linked to Huawei 5G mobile networks

U.S. can't compete with Huawei says company executive

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei said revenues topped US$ 100bn in 2018 despite a US-led campaign against the business on fears it poses a security threat.

Mr Song was speaking at a press conference on the release of Huawei's annual report, along with other top executives. He noted the company has promised to invest $2 billion over five years to improve its software engineering and expressed confidence British regulators will "increase their confidence" in Huawei over time. No doubt, it is really good news for Huawei.

Profit rose 25.1 percent to 59.3 billion yuan ($8.6 billion).

At a press conference on Friday, rotating chairman Guo Ping said the decline was mainly because the company upped investments in research and development a year ago.

The company said overall revenue grew 19.5 percent while its consumer business surged 45 percent. "Australia has also banned the use of the company's equipment in its next-generation network, while the European Union will leave the decision up to its individual member states". A recent Digital Journal article discusses the risks of Huawei technology.

"I hope the USA can adjust its attitude", Guo said at a press briefing that was attended by more than 100 journalists from across the world.

Huawei hit back earlier this month by filing suit in the United States to overturn a law that bars U.S. government agencies from buying the company's equipment, services, or working with third parties that are Huawei customers, crippling the company in the lucrative USA market.

They are bugs, not feature - these are the findings of a UK-based cybersecurity oversight institution about the security vulnerability of products of Huawei, the second largest smartphone manufacturer of the World.

"Throughout this process, Huawei will continue to strictly comply with all relevant standards to build secure, trustworthy, and high-quality products", continued Ping.

"Spying would be equal to suicide", said Song Liuping, Huawei's chief legal officer. This combined with all the unverified talk that its products contain back doors ready to be a conduit for secret information sent to Beijing, and watching how USA official is trying to get allies to not use its 5G network solutions has Huawei's executives ready to fight.

In its cloud business, Huawei launched 160 cloud services and 140 solutions and worked with its partners to serve customers worldwide with 40 availability zones across 23 regions.



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