'Worm moon': Third, last supermoon of 2019 lights up night sky

The super snow moon rises behind lower Manhattan and One World Trade Center in New York City

Closer home, remember Ugadi, Bihu, Puttandu, Vishu, Noboborsho and other new years celebrated in India?

Ordinarily, the average distance between the moon and the Earth is about 383,000km, but at its peak the Worm Moon will about 359,000km away.

The supermoon - this one is called the super worm moon - will happen at 7:43 p.m. - several hours after the official start of spring.

"Traditional and Native American names for each full moon of the year are derived by how they helped to track the seasons". The March full moon is also sometimes referred to as the "sap moon" as it marks the time of year when sugar maples begin to release their sap. As such, supermoons appear larger and brighter in the night sky, though these changes are typically far too subtle to detect. But how often does the Full Moon happen on the Spring Solstice? An equinox is considered to occur when Earth's equatorial plane passes directly through the centre of the sun.

By the end of the day, spring will officially have sprung - even if it doesn't feel like yet it in your city.

The moon rises over the Parthenon on the ancient Acropolis Hill in Athens Greece on Feb. 19 2019. Tuesday’s full moon or supermoon appears brighter and bigger than other full moons because it is close to its perigee which is the closest point in
'Super Worm Moon' rises on first day of Spring

"The last time that this occurred so close to the point of the equinox was in the year 1905, in March over 100 years ago", he said, although he noted the term "supermoon" is a recent term. The March equinox is often used by astronomers to measure a tropical year - the mean time it takes for the Earth to complete a single orbit around the sun.

According to astronomy website EarthSky.org, a full moon has not landed this close to the first day of spring since the year 2000, and the two celestial events won't happen less than a day apart again until 2030.

If you start to imagine the moon is bigger and brighter than it normally is on Wednesday, you're not insane.

During the Vernal Equinox in the north, this results in longer days and will reach maximum tilt during the next Summer Solstice. During the equinox, both day and night are balanced to almost 12 hours each all over the world.



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