Facebook pulls 1.5 million mass murder videos

Christchurch mosques shootings: New Zealand companies decide to pull ads from Facebook and Google

Christchurch was beginning to return to a semblance of normalcy Tuesday, as relatives and friends of Friday's shooting victims continued to stream in from around the world.

The first report against the video was lodged 29 minutes after the video had started, and 12 minutes after the live broadcast had ended.

Facebook says that none of the up to 200 people that viewed a live stream of the Christchurch attack on the social media platform reported it.

Although the social network deleted the 16-minute video, it and other services such as YouTube and Twitter have struggled to keep up with the proliferation of copies being uploaded to their platforms.

United Kingdom parliamentary report exposes Facebook's dirty secrets The committee report on fake news and data misuse says Facebook maximizes revenue "at all costs" - even when the cost is user privacy and trust.

Both Head and Mouat agreed social media companies must consider temporarily removing live-streaming capabilities if they were unable to moderate the content.

While some copies of the stream did make it to Facebook they were edited to make it more hard for the automatic blocks to see.

She said on Tuesday that the New Zealand government would be looking into the role that social media played in amplifying the terrorist attack.

"The form of distribution, the tools of organization, they are new", Ardern said.

"We're asking all of the platforms... to take immediate steps to either put in place systems, processes, algorithms or artificial intelligence that stops this kind of event", he said. "They are the publisher. There can not be a case of all profit, no responsibility".

Facebook was not only platform where the video of the shooting was shared. Video of the attack was uploaded many times after the original was removed, and a few hundred thousand videos were viewable on Facebook before being taken down.

"We have been working directly with the New Zealand Police to respond to the attack and support their investigation", Sonderby wrote. The group should work to ensure technology firms implement appropriate filtering and remove terrorist-linked content, and show transparency in meeting those requirements, he said. A link to the stream was posted on 8Chan, an imageboard site known for a being a hotbed of far-right extremist views. A Washington Post search of keywords related to the event, such as "New Zealand", surfaced a long list of videos, many of which were lengthy and uncensored views of the massacre. Internet users were able to outsmart the platforms' artificial-intelligence systems meant to detect the banned content simply by making small alterations, such as changing the color or tone of the video.

Facebook also said that some variants of the video, like screen recordings, were harder to detect, so additional detection systems like the use of audio technology were used to tackle the problem.

The gunman initiated the livestream using an app designed for extreme sports enthusiasts, with copies still being shared on social media hours later. The consortium includes prominent names such as ASB Bank, Lotto NZ, Burger King, Spark and more.

"We can not simply sit back and accept that these platforms just exist and that what is said on them is not the responsibility of the place where they are published", she said.

Other individual Facebook users have also pledged to boycott the platform.



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