New Zealand shooting: Survivor recounts confronting suspected shooter

Abdul Aziz: The man who saved lives by running at the Christchurch gunman

He confronted that gunman in "army clothes" who was armed with guns and a camera.

"I would like to state that we believe absolutely there was only one attacker responsible for this", he told a news conference. And Aziz? "I'm not a Hero", says the man originally fled the war in Afghanistan, to his act.

Aziz charged at Tarrant with a credit card machine when someone shouted that a gunman had opened fire. The shooter couldn't get a good angle on Abdul Aziz since he was ducking between cars and a fence.

He later picked up a gun dropped by the shooter but found out there was no bullet in it when he pulled the trigger.

Anwar hid in a bathroom and tried to call emergency services as shots rang out, telling he heard the gunman say an expletive about Muslims and "We're going to kill you today".

"[Aziz] went after him ... and that's how we were saved".

Aziz threw the gun he was carrying at Tarrant's auto, smashing the window.

Aziz said four of his children were at the mosque during the attack.

Mr Aziz said he believed anyone would have done what he did if they were in his shoes.

It is Abdul Aziz.

Almost 100 Muslim worshippers who had taken cover in the mosque as the rampage unfolded were left unharmed.

Aziz said when he came back to the mosque, everyone was frightened.

He then walked back inside and started shooting again.

The attack is the worst peacetime mass killing in New Zealand.

Mr Tarrant, who appeared in court on Saturday charged with murder, on Monday sacked his state-appointed lawyer. He moved to New Zealand a few years ago, describing it as a lovely country.

More heroes came to light as investigators pieced together the incident.

Family and friends outside Al Noor mosque - the scene of the largest massacre - held a sunset prayer session, with their mournful cries echoing through a park as locals looked on.

"His life was all about that", Khan said, adding that Rashid and his son, Talha Naeem, gave their lives trying to snatch the attacker's gun. She was among at least four women killed in the attack.

Yesterday, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that Rashid would be given a posthumous national award for bravery.

In vowing to tighten gun laws, Ardern has said the attacker used five guns, two of them semi-automatic, which were purchased with an ordinary gun license and modified.

Wearing a black scarf, Ardern hugged members of the Muslim community at a refugee centre on Saturday, saying she would ensure freedom of religion.

Police caught the man a few minutes later.

Kawthar Abulaban, 54, who survived the shooting at the Al Noor Mosque, came to the burial site to see the preparations. "Otherwise, if he managed to come into the mosque, then we would all probably be gone", Alabi told Sky News.

In addition to the 50 killed, dozens of people were wounded at two mosques in the South Island city during Friday prayers. Some shots hit the mosque windows and walls.

Tarrant ran back to his vehicle and got another gun.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush said police are certain that Tarrant was the only gunman but are not ruling out that he had support.

"They have prevented further deaths and risked their own lives to do so", he added.

Those who sustained injuries are being treated in hospitals. "The ambulances start to arrive and then lots of ambulances arrived after that".



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