Australian Senator egged after his comments on New Zealand shooting

WATCH: Senator smacks teen who egged him over controversial Christchurch comments [video]

Labor foreign affairs spokeswoman, Penny Wong, said Anning did not represent Australia.

Mr Bidiri "felt like he needed to say something" after spotting Mr Anning while waiting for a friend at the airport.

"Come here you f***ing mongrel human", Senator Anning is heard saying as he reaches for the boy.

It has exceeded the $2,000 target by reaching more than $21,000 and is still climbing.Since the video s wide circulation, Adam Houda, a high profile criminal lawyer who has defended men charged with terrorist-related offences in the past, is now demanding Mr Anning face charges for his actions.

Mr Javid tweeted: "At a time for grieving and reflection, this Australian senator @fraser-anning fans the flames of violence & extremism". Supporters were then filmed piling onto the boy pinning him to the ground before he was arrested by police.

William has been hailed a national hero online, amassing close to 500,000 followers on Instagram.

"Anybody who seeks to make a political opportunity out of a tragedy like this, is right to be condemned".

Faruqi and Di Natale, meanwhile, have spent the weekend denouncing Islamophobia at all levels, demanding that hate speech from elected officials needs to be addressed with an official code of conduct.

And while he admitted that a lot of language was exchanged, he reiterated that "for a senator, an individual representing the Australian population, he shouldn't be referring to the Australian population as maggots".

Media were banned from entering the Brisbane event where Senator Anning had his own stall displaying gun paraphernalia, just two days after 50 people were gunned down at two mosques in New Zealand.

Senator Anning provoked widespread uproar for his claim that "the real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place".

The Prime Minister and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten pledged peace and unity in strongly condemning the anti-Muslim attack, which Mr Morrison emphasised was committed by an "extremist, right-wing, violent terrorist".

Senator Anning responded: "Well he's obviously a little on the insane side, but yeah".

Scott Morrison on Sunday took the teenager's side, telling reporters: "The full force of the law should be applied to Senator Anning".

On Sunday morning, Connolly shared a video in which he warned fans against cracking eggs on the heads of politicians.

He also called in question the outrage surrounding the attack in the New Zealand mosque. "If you don't like, get out", he said.

Sydney doctor Kate Ahmad and Melbourne author Harris Sultan began separate petitions on - almost an hour apart - calling for the removal of Anning from Parliament.



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