Elon Musk reveals Tesla Model Y crossover; to start at US$39000

Tesla Reveals Model Y ‘Baby SUV’ Tonight: How To Watch Live

After months of teasers and rumors, the Tesla Model Y is here.

Tesla has unveiled the SUV variant of the Model 3 in Hawthorne, California.

The Long Range model is expected to offer 300 miles of range, while four-wheel drive Dual Motor and Performance versions will get 280 miles. The standard battery will have a range of 230 miles with the long-range version capable of 300 miles on a single charge.

Due to its connection to the Model 3, the Model Y shares about 75% of its components with the vehicle.

Musk has promised an easier production ramp of the Model Y (following much-publicised problems with the Model 3) as it shares about three-quarters of its parts with the aforementioned sedan and would need only half the capital expenditures of the sedan. Musk gave no new details about where the Model Y would be produced at Thursday's event.

Tesla is now going through hard times, with Musk charged by the SEC with contempt for tweeting "inaccurate and material" information about the company. Speaking of the go-faster specification, acceleration and top speed are rated at 3.5 seconds and 150 miles per hour. The Standard model of the Model Y will offer the lower number. Still only in prototype form, that's the $200,000 sports auto that he claims will do 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds, 250mph flat out and beat any other hypercar's acceleration figures in between... and deliver a 620-mile range. It will also include the same self-driving hardware including Autopilot, which can be unlocked for a fee and upgraded over-the-air as new features get approval from regulatory bodies.

Consumers who plop down their deposits for the Model Y may have to cross their fingers for their vehicles to be delivered on schedule. At today's event, Musk proclaimed, "People said that you can make an electric sports vehicle, but you will never be able to make a luxury sedan, so we did!", resulting in the Tesla Model S (S for sedan).

Ramsey, though, remains skeptical about whether the company will have adequate manufacturing capacity for the Model Y. He expects the Model Y's journey to the mass market to provide another wild ride for the company, its investors and customers. The fifth Tesla EV-after the original Roadster, the S, the X, and the 3-shares its wheelbase, chassis, and powertrain options with the brand's current smallest model, the Model 3 sedan.

It's not common for automakers to go live with vehicle configurators so far ahead of production, but Tesla isn't exactly a common automaker. Tesla would "most likely" build the Model Y at Tesla's battery factory in Nevada, he said at the time.

Tesla's targeted volume production date of late 2020 for the Model Y would put it behind electric SUVs from Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Deliveries are due to start at in the fall of 2020.



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