Google Hardware makes cuts to laptop and tablet development, cancels products

Google is redeploying Pixel staff raising questions on its future hardware plans

Other divisions within the company's hardware product area (known internally as HWPA) include Pixel (for smartphones), Home (for smart home devices, including Nest), and Wearables.

Considering these cutbacks aren't necessarily permanent - Google has asked employees to seek temporary roles within other divisions - there's still a possibility that certain people will be transferred back to the Create team after the current situation has been assessed.

BI writes that Google has started an ample restructuring process in the Create division, which is responsible for creating laptops and tablets like the Pixelbook and the Pixel Slate. There are a few different but related explanations given for the personnel shifts, with one source confirming Google had "a bunch of stuff in the works" before the decision to move employees away from the unit was made.

Is the hardware honeymoon over at Google?

Google may be cutting down on its work with hardware products in the very near future, per an announcement made to some employees at the business this week.

A Google spokesperson declined to comment on the development.

The "roadmap pushout", as one source familiar with the matter described the move to Business Insider, raises questions about the extent of Google's commitment to building its own line of laptops and tablets, a fiercely competitive market with thin razor profit margins.

Google's first Pixel device, the Chromebook Pixel laptop, was announced in 2013.

Google Pixelbook is a "Chromebook", running on Google's Chrome OS software and is only capable of using Internet-based applications.

Manufacturing jobs have reportedly not been affected which implies that Google is only reassessing its plans for future products and the near-term devices will be launched as per plans.

With the Pixel C, Google attempted to re-imagine what a portable 2-in-1 could be by designing a detachable tablet that connected to its keyboard dock via a tilting, magnetic flap that functioned sort of like a reverse kickstand.

To be clear, the employee-shifting that's been reported seems to be concentrated for now within Google's tablet and laptop teams.



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