Woman mauled by jaguar while taking a selfie apologizes to zoo

Woman gets clawed by jaguar while trying to take selfie with it

The big cat apparently got its claws around the woman's hand after she crossed a concrete barrier at the Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium and Safari Park and stepped near the cage to take the photo, a witness and authorities told CBS News. One of the female jaguars attacked the woman, leaving her with "non-life threatening injuries" to her arm. The jaguar will not be put down.

Kristy Morcum, spokesperson for Wildlife World Zoo in Litchfield Park, Arizona, told Azfamily that the woman returned to the park and apologized, saying she "feels awful about the bad publicity the zoo is getting regarding the incident".

"At no time was the animal out of its enclosure. please understand why barriers are put in place". "Sending prayers to the family tonight".

He said his mother threw a water bottle into the cage to distract the animal long enough so that he could pull the woman away. "She's a wild animal and there were proper barriers in place to keep our guests safe ... not a wild animal's fault when barriers are crossed".

The woman said she loved the zoo and "feels frightful about the bad publicity the zoo is getting regarding the incident", spokeswoman Kristy Morcum told the outlet.

Flores' son Adam Wilkerson later took widely circulated video showing the injured woman on the ground with deep gashes and blood, writhing in pain. According to AzFamily, she has since apologized to the zoo for getting too close.

"When my mom put the water bottle through the gate, the jaguar let go of the girl".

Now, the zoo is assuring the public that nothing will happen to the jaguar after the attack.

"There's no way to fix people crossing barriers", said zoo director Mickey Ollson, AzFamily reported in another article.

We can promise you nothing will happen to our jaguar.



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