Footage of Battlefield V's battle royale mode leak online

GamesBattlefield 5 Firestorm Release Date Video Leak And Battle Royale Details By Vibhav Pandey

Will Battlefield 5 Firestorm Struggle to Compete Against Apex Legends?

Despite the fact that it launched during November of a year ago, there's still no word on when DICE's unique Battlefield V mode will be available. "As we move forward, Multiplayer remains our core focus".

Firestorm is reportedly featuring three modes: solo, duo (2 player teams), squad (4 player teams) with a player maximum of 64 per match. The tutorial narration helpfully notes that urban environments can be full of decent loot to scavenge, but are also more likely to attract other players, just like every battle royale game ever.

It was already confirmed that Firestorm is developed not by main Battlefield studio DICE but rather another EA-owned studio, Criterion. There's even a tutorial video showcasing Firestorm's basic structure of parachuting in, scavenging for loot, and surviving to be the last player standing.

The files also mentions safes and vehicles "breakouts", healing and amour resupplies, and offers some more information on the reinforcements mentioned in the trailer. We've known that Firestorm won't just have plain survival, like other battle royale modes, and will have these objectives to be completed around the map, but we've had no information on what these objectives could be, or what you actually get for them. And when you're shot, you get "downed", and can crawl around with a chance to be revived by teammates. Can other players tell if a safe is being hacked nearby? Let us know - we're on Facebook and Twitter.

It seems like vehicles could play a big part in Firestorm's formula, which made shroud approach with much caution after seeing the armored vehicle prominently featured in the trailer, saying: "if [Firestorm] has too much focus on tanks and tanks are the primary focus of BR then I probably won't enjoy it".

The Daily Mission that appeared for players was a nonexclusive one.

EA Dice looks like it's getting ready to release one of the more intense battle royale settings to date.



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