Trump to Sign Disaster Declaration for Alabama Tornado Victims - Pence

Alabama Tornado Kills At Least 22, More Still Missing

The tornado packed winds estimated at 170 mph (274 kph) and chewed a path of destruction up to nine-tenths of a mile (1.4 kilometers) wide in Alabama for almost 27 miles (43 kilometers), the weather service said Tuesday after its crews surveyed the impact.

"Alabamians are certainly a resilient people, but given the severity of the damage from these tornadoes, we will still need help", Jones said.

Smith said it's "mind blowing" she survived. He also planned to thank first responders.

Despite the forecasts and warnings, nearly two dozen people died in an EF-4 tornado that hit Beauregard, Ala., according to the National Weather Service. "They all ended up, with the exception of two, outside the residence", Mr Harris told reporters, adding that their homes "aren't there".

According to tornado researcher Richard Stokoe at the University of South Wales, elevated death tolls in Alabama can largely be ascribed to the density of mobile homes, housing nearly 15% of the state's population, the geography of the region and type of coniferous vegetation.

Officials overseeing the disaster response to a tornado-stricken community in Alabama say all people reported missing have been accounted for with no increase in the death toll. "I'm still trying to process it", said Cordarrly Jones, 29. Among the first to be buried was Marshall Lynn Grimes, 59, who perished along with his girlfriend and an 11-year-old friend of Grimes' daughter when the tornado demolished his mobile home.

"Well our guys really wanted to help any way they could", Malzahn said, via WVTM's Kyle Burger.

Alabama Tornado Kills At Least 22, More Still Missing
Alabama tornadoes: Lee County search operations resume

Four other patients remain hospitalized at East Alabama Medical Center, according to hospital spokesman John Atkinson. A third tornado, classified as at least an EF1, traveled from Macon County into Lee County.

President Trump is visiting storm-stricken Alabama on his way to Florida, where he'll spend the weekend with his family and raise money for his reelection campaign. "We can not emphasize enough that we want them to communicate and let us know what they need", Carson said.

"They start with a mobile home and hope they can build a house someday".

The president is now on the ground in Beauregard, Alabama, meeting with families effected by the tornado.

"My heart breaks for all the folks across the area impacted by this deadly storm", Rogers said.

Although the tornado lost some intensity in Georgia, forecasters say it still destroyed several homes in the state and injured 7 people in the area of Talbotton, Georgia. The so-called Fujita scale measures wind speed and the corresponding destructive power of a tornado.

Earlier in the day, members of the Alabama congressional delegation who represent the areas impacted by the March 3 tornadoes sent a letter to Trump in support of Ivey's request for an expedited major disaster declaration for the state of Alabama.



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