Continued Conversations rolling out to Google Home Hub and other Smart Displays

Google Duplex assistant is coming to more states and restaurants

Until now, Google Duplex was accessible in about 43 states around U.S., only by people who owned the Pixel phones.

Despite concerns about Duplex's identity, Google said it will not change the way the reservation's system calls a restaurant. You can see the full list of supported states by clicking the following link. Google Duplex, which lets you instruct the Assistant to make calls on your behalf, looked like a sci-fi marvel that was also kind of creepy. This latter was also a concern with Google's Call Screen feature for Android which was later addressed by providing transcripts of the call.

For users interested in getting started with the restaurant-booking AI feature, simply ask the Google Assistant book a table somewhere.

Following a limited beta test last summer, Duplex began rolling out in November to Android devices running version 5.0 or above, and iPhones with Google Assistant installed. An email or phone notification will then be sent by the AI assistant to the user with details about the booking. You tell the Google Assistant where you'd like to book a reservation, and Duplex takes over.

Continued Conversation
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It converses just like a real human (with "umms", "ahhs" and pauses) and can be used for making haircut appointments and restaurant reservations, to name a few.

The States where Duplex will not roll out are Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, and Texas.

Although limited to Google's own Pixel smartphones for now, the company says it has plans to bring Duplex to many more people across the United States soon.

This is the other point to note about the Assistant and Duplex, as even requesting the Assistant to book you a table does not automatically mean the AI will call the location.



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