Tesla's new V3 Supercharger can add 75 miles in 5 minutes

Tesla promises to halve charging time with V3 Supercharging

Tesla says that "a$3 t this rate, a Model 3 Long Range operating at peak efficiency can recover up to 75 miles of charge in 5 minutes and charge at rates of up to 1,000 miles per hour".

This week, Tesla is rolling out the third generation of its Supercharger and with it the promise of recharging its electric vehicles significantly faster.

Tesla says that only the Model 3 will be updated to support the maximum charge rate of 250 kW, at least for now.

Unveiled on Wednesday, the carmaker said in a blog post that the new V3 Supercharger will boast charging rates of up to 250 kW.

In getting ready for the hardware, Tesla will roll out a software update to vehicles that includes On-Route Battery Warmup, a mode that smartly heats up the battery to the optimal temperature to reduce charge times in cold weather.

Tesla says the V3 stations will give full charging power to any owner, without splitting power with the next vehicle also at the station at the same time - and as a result, a typical charge time can drop to around 15 minutes. It's called the V3 Supercharger, and it can support up to 250kW per vehicle, from a cabinet that's rated at 1MW. Now, Tesla says, its cars will adjust the temperature of the battery pack as the auto approaches the Supercharger to ensure optimal current flow.

In the coming weeks, over 12,000 existing V2 Superchargers will get 145kW charge rates, up from 120kW.

Tesla rolled out the first of the next-generation V3 Supercharger tonight in Fremont, California, at an exclusive event for an exclusive subset of Model 3 owners in Tesla's Early Access Program. At launch, only Model 3 owners will be able to use V3 Supercharging.

Power is delivered to the vehicle via a new liquid-cooled cable design that Tesla claims is actually lighter and more flexible than the current air-cooled cable. Tesla specifically mentions this in 2019.7.11's release notes.

Tesla is still testing the V3 Supercharger but expects to start installing them from next month in North America, and in Europe and Asia from the fourth quarter of the year.



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