‘Captain Marvel’ Star Says Film is About ‘Intersectional Feminism’

Why 'Captain Marvel' Matters

But like Wonder Woman, Larson said Captain Marvel had to pay more than lip service to women.

For her part, Lynch had another idea about what her Rambeau character represented. She's a great actress, but that's a tall order for the best of them.

In short, there's so much to love in Captain Marvel - including a mid-credits sting that nicely sets up the next Avengers movies, now just seven weeks away - that it's nigh impossible to hate the movie, despite its many flaws. Vers (Ms. Larson) is an enthusiastic novice warrior, gifted like her compatriots with remarkable powers, but not yet in full command of them.

Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the directing duo's capability for establishing fundamentally real relationships between characters who have just met (think Ryan Reynolds and Ben Mendelsohn in Mississippi Grind) truly shines with Captain Marvel's ensemble.

To do that, she ventures to Earth, where she rediscovers herself with the help of old friends and a pair of not-by-the-book S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Coulson and Fury (Clark Gregg and Samuel L. Jackson, respectively), who have not yet created the Avengers. The film uses memories and flashbacks to stitch together the character of Carol Danvers, an ace Air Force test pilot with a troubled earthly past and also a massively powered creature from another planet who can fire off blasts from her hands and bleeds blue blood.

Regardless of how many movies these two make together, they're quickly winning us all over and becoming our favorite BFFs in Hollywood.

Captain Marvel releases in Australian cinemas this Thursday March 7. You believe the friendship between Maria and Carol, how they identify one another as their chosen family. But the film is no Wonder Woman (the 2017 hit from a different franchise), whose story of a woman finding power in a man's world spoke to an audience beyond fans of comics-based movies. A look could speak volumes in an instant and that gaze is present even if it doesn't speak to everyone. This is, after all, the role that she was clearly born to play, and even the film's naysayers reckon that she shines. She's inspired by the women around her and not afraid or sheltered.

The truth is, this flawed but still entertaining film's chief asset is its representation of a young woman who has spent her life following orders but is now finally crafting an identity of her own in a shifting moral landscape.

A compilation of reviews published by EW reveals some critics saying that Captain Marvel is a "mundane" film "marked by unimaginative plotting", a "generic" superhero film, a film that does not "approach the ranks of top tier Marvel movies", or a grim film where no one seems to be having much fun. Utterly empowering and inspiring. Otherwise, with the exception of Mendelsohn's droll delivery and a stowaway cat named Goose (who knew that zero gravity cats could be so amusing?), this is an uncharacteristically dry affair for the MCU.

The music swells with heroic goal.

No one can accuse Captain Marvel, a cerebral jigsaw puzzle of a film about piecing together one's identity and overall goal in the universe, of being overly emotional.

"I'm still convincing her", Jackson joked. And what really sells this film is that playfulness.

Ever since the first trailers landed, some have criticised the lead character for looking so dour all the time. We meet everyone only briefly.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe goes back to the 90s in the name of progress with its first superhero caper led by a woman.

Stephanie Zacharek of Time magazine wrote, "Larson does get a few opportunities in Captain Marvel to be that regular, flawed-but-strong human-there just aren't enough of them, and they're hardly the focus of the movie". It worked for me when it became more and more intriguing to follow. They were first introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy in the form of Ronan the Destroyer. She is a soldier being trained by Yon-Rogg, played with elusive slickness by Jude Law, who wears vampire-yellow contact lenses.

Lastly, the action sequences felt a bit too formulaic at the start and didn't quite connect to the emotional stakes until the last act.



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