Man Killed By Lion He Kept At Home

A disturbing video shared by RSPCA shows man biting a possum

In addition to the lion, Prasek had another lioness on his property for breeding purposes, which had drawn concerns from local residents. He added that the intervention of a lioness was all that saved him.

Michal Prasek's father found his mangled body in the lion's cage which had been locked from the inside.

The cats were shot dead by police called to the scene in the village of Zdechov, in Vsetin District in the Zlin Region.

He invited neighbors into his garden to see the animals but never got a permit for them, local media reported.

A spokesperson added explained that the "fatal incident" resulted in the man being "right in the lion's pen". He kept both predators in self-made cages in his backyard in Zdechov, close to the border with Slovakia.

He had previously been denied planning permission to build the pens, and was subsequently fined for illegal breeding.

A lack of alternative facilities in the Czech Republic, or any evidence of animal cruelty, also meant the lions could not be forcibly removed.

Prasek was in the news in June 2018 when a cyclist crashed into his lioness while Prasek was taking her for a walk.

Mayor Tomas Kocourek said the incident "will perhaps finally help to resolve this long-term problem".

The Czech Republic has a whole series of so-called "zoo parks" or "nature parks, " where big cats often live in poor conditions.



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