House to demand documents from Trump son

US President Donald Trump hugs the US flag as he arrives to speak at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor Maryland

Obama easily won seven of the region's counties in 2012, but Trump won them all in 2016. Sanders blasted the investigation as a "fishing expedition" on which the Democrats embarked because they were terrified that their narrative of Trump colluding with Russian Federation was falling apart, and also because they wanted to distract the public from their radical agenda, including endorsement of infanticide and a green new deal that would bankrupt America.

Mueller's investigation, which is centered on suspected collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, is believed to be nearing its conclusion.

The committee interviewed Cohen in private on Thursday and will finish the interview this coming Wednesday.

Mr Trump has faced a tough week politically with the spotlight back on the Russian Federation investigation. All the while, Cohen was negotiating a Trump Tower construction project in Moscow.

The committee's jurisdiction touches on all parts of government. They took also the Chairman posts in the committees.

The Washington Times detailed some of the targets of the Judiciary Committee's investigation: "Among the targets are the White House, the president's children, figures from the 2016 campaign, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and the president's business empire". He said Republican lawmakers "threatened to impeach people in Justice Department, they threatened the - the Mueller investigation".

The issue with obstruction of justice is the opposite: Rather than a paucity of evidence proving Trump's personal culpability, there is an overabundance of it. Trump told NBC News that he fired FBI Director James B. Comey to stop the investigation of the "Russia thing". Whitaker is a close Trump ally who had criticized the Mueller report before he was appointed.

The area known for its dairy farms, meat production and small breweries will be heavily targeted by presidential campaigns after Trump's narrow win in Wisconsin in 2016 helped deliver him the White House. But for now, Neal is taking it slow. Many requests were made. "That would make the president bear a large amount of responsibility for the tragedy that occurred".

The committee's head, California Rep. Maxine Waters, has focused on Deutsche Bank, the German asset management firm that has loaned Trump's real estate organization millions of dollars over the years.

On top of the investigations, there's more bad news for President Trump this week.

And he repeated his familiar complaint that he does not get the credit he deserves despite his claim that "no administration has accomplished probably you could say this with absolute certainty in the first two years anywhere near what we've accomplished".

"Oh my God yes, of course the Democrats will overreact and overhype this", she said. Trump would not disclose the full details of what was said in their meeting. That could include getting information from a translator who attended.

Strategists in both major parties said Democratic candidates should be wary about talk of impeaching Trump or putting too much emphasis on the report in general.



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