UK Prime Minister May handed another defeat in parliament

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The uncertainty surrounding Brexit has intensified after British Prime Minister Theresa May failed to win parliamentary backing for her strategy to salvage the government's withdrawal agreement with the European Union.

The Liberal Democrats' Tom Brake asked: "In what way can we as members of Parliament, who have already voted to rule out no deal, can ensure that the government listen to that and respond appropriately?"

The vote was non-binding but shows that May is still unable to win the backing of a majority of MPs for her plans-making it even more hard to secure concessions from the EU.

In the month since May lost that vote, she's been trying to persuade the European Union to make legally binding changes to the most contentious part of the withdrawal agreement - the so-called backstop guarantee for the Irish border.

"The prime minister has done a pretty good job of standing up to them up till now, but they were drinking champagne to celebrate her losing her deal and I regard that as being treachery", he wrote in the House magazine.

Defence Minister Tobias Ellwood described the ERG's actions as "provocative", accusing them of operating as a "party within a party".

Despite Britain being scheduled to leave the bloc on March 29, the prime minister has yet to present a viable alternative plan. These pro-Brexit Tories are now a major obstacle to May's hopes of striking a new deal in Brussels and then getting it approved in Parliament in London. "And they do know what we want".

However this is not expected to be a crunch point in which lawmakers attempt to wrest control of the process away from the government as May has promised that parliament will have another chance to express its opinion on February 27, if it has not approved a revised deal by then.

Mr Grieve said the ERG "seem to be completely cavalier about the risks that the country might run if we leave with no deal", something which he said the "overwhelming" majority of MPs were not prepared to accept.

No.10 replied by accusing Mr Corbyn of again putting "partisan considerations ahead of the national interest" and by voting against the government was "in effect voting to make no deal more likely". He said: "People in the United Kingdom want certainty".

Goldman Sachs said it sees a 50 percent probability of May getting a Brexit divorce deal ratified, adding that lawmakers would ultimately block a no-deal exit if needed.

"The more messy this gets the more anxious I am that we are heading for no deal", said an executive at one investment bank in London who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The opposition motion, backed by 155 votes to 69, majority 86, also called on May to rule out a no-deal split with Brussels. The Financial Times noted Thursday that he is among a "core group" of backbenchers who have "been discussing a breakaway party for months".

Labour MPs Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson are calling for an amendment on February 27 that will trade support for the Withdrawal Agreement with a call for a second referendum.



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