Merkel says US calling European cars a threat is 'frightening'

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif speaks during the annual Munich Security Conference in Munich Germany

Vice President Mike Pence brought greeting from President Donald Trump to the Munich Security Conference on Friday - and was met with several seconds of silence.

Former American diplomat Nicholas Burns praised Ms Merkel as the first non-American "leader of the West" since Franklin D Roosevelt.

Biden's successor, Vice President Mike Pence, was also in attendance at the conference.

According to the magazine, Pence used his appearance at Munich to issue more "orders" to Germany and other European NATO members, including the need to meet the alliance's two percent of GDP defence spending targets (in 2017, Germany spent the equivalent of $45 billion, or just 1.2 percent of its GDP, on defence).

"America will be back", he said.

Pence used a diplomatic tour of Europe this week to demand repeatedly that European Union countries stop trying to preserve the deal, which curbed Tehran's nuclear ambitions in return for sanctions relief.

Speaking at the annual Munich Security Conference, Biden said America under President Donald Trump's leadership does not reflect traditional American values that have characterized the USA for centuries.

"The United States commends all our European partners who have taken a strong stance against Nord Stream 2, and we commend others to do the same", Pence said.

Pence made news during his foreign trip, urging European allies to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says USA authorities appear to have concluded that European cars are a threat to national security. She also appealed for the consult its allies before any new decision on deployments in Afghanistan, where Germany has more than 1,000 troops.

The alliance has been urging Russian Federation to save the treaty by abandoning the controversial 9M279 missile system, which officials say can hit capital cities throughout Europe as far as London.

Freeland said she spoke with Pelosi on the continuing US tariffs imposed on Canadian steel and aluminum since June.

Merkel criticised Trump's move to pull troops out of Syria, and his administration's suspension of the Intermediate Range Missile Treaty with Russian Federation.

"It's quite possible. We don't know yet", he said when pushed on the topic of alleged malevolent USA actions. Zarif said. "Just glimpse at a map for a second - the US military has traveled 10,000 kilometers to dot all our borders with its bases".

Merkel noted the treaty was conceived "essentially for Europe", where such missiles were stationed during the Cold War.

Merkel also dismissed US calls to stop the construction of Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which would carry Russian gas to Germany directly across the Baltic Sea. But she noted the end of a treaty conceived "essentially for Europe" leaves Europe trying to secure future disarmament to protect its own interests.



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