Trump says second government shutdown unlikely after deal reached

Video: Trump's Bogus El Paso Claim

'Not too good. In fact what I would do, that may be the end of his presidential bid'.

Trump also claimed 75,000 people signed up to attend the rally, according to ABC News.

The one-mile march began near Bowie High School and passed the coliseum and terminated at Chalio Acosta Sports Center where the former El Paso congressman said he was taking a stand against the president.

"We think it's a waste of money". In other words, he just needs to run out the clock.

Deb Sigman of Las Cruces carried a sign that read "No wall".

"We know that walls do not save lives". They both wore MAGA hats.

Trump, who triggered a 35-day closure of about a quarter of the federal government with a December demand for $5.7 billion from Congress to help build the wall, said he has yet to decide whether to support the agreement reached on Monday night by key Democratic and Republican lawmakers.

The demand threatened to derail talks, raising the specter of another shutdown as of Saturday, yet the Senate's top spending negotiator, Richard Shelby of Alabama, said Monday night that Republicans and Democrats have reached an agreement in principle that resolves the spat.

"I spoke to people that have been there a long time".

Mr Trump's remarks come after a political row over border security funding which shuttered a quarter of the United States government for 35 days.

"The border city of El Paso, Texas, used to have extremely high rates of violent crime - one of the highest in the country, and considered one of our nation's most unsafe cities".

El Paso Mayor Dee Margo, a Republican, disputed the president's claim the city was risky before the wall.

"I am extremely unhappy with what the Democrats have given us", he told reporters and White House officials during a meeting with his cabinet.

The rowdy crowd chanted "build that wall" as a protester was escorted out.

"Keep going. Don't give up", he said.

Trump made the wall a central 2016 campaign promise, calling it necessary to combat illegal immigration and drug trafficking. "I like to look at individually who are coming and not have a mob". As the Washington Post notes, every president over the last century has had one, and it was seen almost as a political necessity until Trump got elected.

Author and poet Benjamin Alire Saenz, a native of Las Cruces, said the president's visit was an opportunity for border residents to speak out.

"We were all challenged by a young man who lost an election to Ted Cruz".

"We refuse to be used for anybody's agenda - especially when that agenda is contrary to our values, our sense of compassion, and our very humanity".

"The President, using the same racist, inflammatory rhetoric of years past, seeks to build a wall, to take kids from their parents, to deploy the U.S. Army on American soil, to continue mass deportations and to end the protection for Dreamers", wrote O'Rourke, who has said he will decide by the end of this month whether to run for president. For the first time, he singled out the "Green New Deal" - a climate-change action plan backed by several presidential contenders - saying it would virtually eliminate air travel. "Safe not because of walls but in spite of walls".

"Our safety is a result of treating one another with respect and with dignity, and this community owning its responsibilities to one another and our safety, by extension, makes not the just the border a safer place, not just Texas, but this entire country".



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