Canadian serial killer sentenced to life for murdering eight people

Canadian police went to arrest a man they suspected of murder. They found a man tied to his bed

Canadian serial killer Bruce McArthur was sentenced to life in prison on Friday in a trial that gripped the country and shocked the gay community of Toronto. Read their updates below.

Bezan says he wants to ease the impact on victims' families when serious offenders, who often do not get paroled, apply anyway and get the hearings they're entitled to when they do. They will live with this nightmare for the rest of their lives.

Because numerous facts presented at the hearing were so lurid, prosecutors cautioned people against remaining in court to hear them.

However, when it came to deciding if he was going to deliver a consecutive sentence - where McArhur would be eligible for parole in 50 years - or concurrent, McMahon said the sentenced needed to be realistic, not symbolic. "There is a fine line between retribution, which is an appropriate sentencing principle, and vengeance". "He also exploited others through a belief he was their friend", McMahon said.

Giving judges the option of telling particular offenders they can't apply for parole for 40 years would reduce the chances of that happening. He called their dismemberments pure evil, but said the guilty plea spared a jury four months of graphic and gruesome evidence that would have likely required counselling after.

"We follow the evidence, and the evidence is telling us that that's not the case right now", Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders told reporters in December 2017. "There is a sense of 'it could have been me, it could have been any of us, '" Dudley said.

Which is why it's disheartening and, frankly, disgusting that Bruce McArthur will be eligible for parole in only 25 years when a judge could have ensured he never faced the possibility.

"There is nothing I have said that has put anyone in guilt", said Saunders, adding in explanation it's "not a trial but a tribunal" where the "officer can explain what he did", which includes recording video of McArthur and the entering of information to the computer that was later useful when he was identified as a suspect.

"It's not a mandatory minimum (sentence), it's not something that is dictated to the courts, the judge still has the discretion to level the parole-ineligibility period at the time of sentencing", Bezan said.

"The end of the criminal case process doesn't bring closure to their loss", McMahon said.

He also took the time to commend the police investigation that brought McArthur to justice, a pointed statement at a time that the police department is under scrutiny for how it handled the early stages of the investigations into some of the victims.

The judge said, however, that he had no doubt McArthur would have continued to kill if he wasn't arrested by police previous year.

Court heard that many of McArthur's victims were immigrants and of South Asian or Middle Eastern descent.

He killed and dismembered the men between 2010 and 2017, and allegedly hid seven of the corpses in planters and the eighth in a ravine.

He said criminologists used the term "missing white woman syndrome" to highlight how some victims are seen as more newsworthy and higher priority than others. "I find this exploitation of their vulnerability to be extremely aggravating".

The presiding Judge, Justice John McMahon, told the Ontario Superior Court said he had "no doubt Bruce McArthur would have continued killing".

McArthur pleaded guilty on January 29.

"This is a crime of stark horror", prosecutor Michael Cantlon said in a statement after the sentencing.



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