The Relationship between Procrastination and Creativity



Procrastination, when taken too far, can be deadly. However, due to the same procrastination, some of the most creative ideas in the world where born. This sparked a few heated debates as to how one can be creative yet they procrastinate. This is why science came in and a few studies where done as to see how creativity and procrastination are actually a very good combination.

Procrastination and Creativity

Martin Luther’s “I have a dream” speech and Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa are part of the most creative works in the world. What you might not know is that these very same works were because of procrastination. Da Vinci took about 7 years to paint the Mona Lisa, and it is the most famous painting in the world. That being said, it seems as though creativity and procrastination work for a hand in glove.

This would explain why it took so much time to come with sportsbetting apps. Such creativity took a lot of time to perfect it.

Why Creativity goes with Procrastination?

The reason why creativity goes so well with procrastination is that of the extra time that one takes to come up with the idea. As you spend more time on it, you allow yourself to explore many different ideas, as a result coming up with a fantastic and creative way of doing it.

Your mind evolves and you allow your imagination to take control. All this because you took a little more time than usual. Imagine you working for a sports book online and you have a task to come up with a creative promotion. As a result, your promotion will attract more people because you put in the hard work.

The Bad Side

Despite the fact that creativity and procrastination work well together, too much of delay can be deadly. This is because when you spend too much time on something, the deadline draws closer. As a result, you end up rushing through the whole project and spoiling it. Therefore despite the fact that the two are a great combination, too much of the delay can cause the creativity to be a flop.





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