White House denies Donald Trump link to new corruption probe

Washington,DC. Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States Friday- ushering in a new political era that

Federal prosecutors in NY have asked members of President Donald Trump´s inaugural committee to hand over documents linked to donations and spending, U.S. media reported Monday.

Federal law prohibits foreign contributions to political campaigns, inauguration funds and political action committees (PACs). Prosecutors are particularly interested in documents related to "a Los Angeles financier who gave $900,000 to the committee through his private-equity firm and once registered as a foreign agent working on behalf of the Sri Lankan government".

President Trump's inaugural committee has received a subpoena from Justice Department investigators.

A spokesperson for the committee confirmed that they were reviewing the subpoena, adding that "it is our intention to cooperate with the inquiry".

Trump's inaugural committee has always been a focus for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, whose team questioned Russian oligarchs to find out if they made illegal donations to the committee and the campaign before it.

Federal prosecutors in NY issued the wide-ranging subpoena Monday, furthering a federal inquiry into a fund that has faced mounting scrutiny into how it raised and spent $107 million on events celebrating Trump's 2017 inauguration.

"I'm reading the same reports you are this morning, gathering that information, ' she said on CNN's 'New Day" program.

Tom Barrack Jr, a real-estate developer and close friend of the president who served as chairman of the inaugural committee, is not named in the documents.

Barrack did not respond to Tuesday's subpoena. Former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates admitted during the trial of former campaign manager Paul Manafort that he may have stolen money from the committee. It said the inquiry also was focused on whether the inauguration misspent the $107 million it raised to stage events celebrating Trump's inauguration. He is known in Washington, D.C. circles for bundling hundreds of thousands of dollars to leading Democratic politicians, including the presidential campaigns of former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton - attaining the rank of "Hillblazer", according to one Clinton campaign memo released by Wikileaks. Most recently, political consultant Roger Stone was arrested in a pre-dawn Federal Bureau of Investigation raid and charged - among other issues - with making false statements to Congress. For what it's worth, Imaad, as always, gave only his own money from his own resources.



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