Piers Morgan riles Meghan Markle fans with banana mockery

Meghan Markle Hires A Doula For Childbirth & Prince Harry Getting ‘Coaching’ Lessons

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are preparing for the arrival of their royal baby in the spring, and it seems Meghan is planning to enlist the help of a doula as well as a midwife when she gives birth.

"I knew her for about a year and a half, got on really well with her", Morgan wrote in a column for the Daily Mail in December 2018. "The wing "has unmatched amenities and is probably the most "luxurious" hospital in the U.K", the source said".

Since the royals typically don't hire any kind of partner during births, this is definitely a big deal, and it proves Meghan's going with whatever she feels is best for her birth, whether it's tradition or not.

Last week Meghan Markle, 37, accompanied by her husband Prince Harry, put together food parcels at charity One25, an organisation that supports sex workers in Bristol.

Dismissing the gesture as the "least useful" action the royals could take, Piers also joked the most recipients could hope for after feeling a moment of empowerment would be to scoff them and flog the skins on eBay.

We've all heard it before: Duchesses Kate and Meghan are "feuding".

"Harry is hugely protective of Meghan".

Meghan Markle is now seven months pregnant.

Kensington Palace's social media accounts are a vital source of information for fans of the royals and its Instagram page has over seven million followers, while its Twitter account has almost 1.6 million.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, man and woman of the people, recently graced the Bristol Old Vic's outreach program with their presence where they witnessed what the local yoofs can do with their gadgets and what not. Not because she brings the drama, but because everyone thinks she does.

"You've got to read my book to see what things were really like", Samantha said, adding that she vows to "cover everything from behind the scenes that the world does not know about".

'I'm like, "Meghan, stop being so nice...you're the pregnant one, aren't you supposed to have hormones, why are you so sweet?"

The actress and Harry announced their pregnancy in October 2018, only a few months after they Wednesday at Windsor Castle.



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