Marshmello’s concert in Fortnite was absolutely bonkers

A DJ Is Doing A Live Set Inside 'Fortnite' This Weekend, Which Is Peak 2019

American electronic music producer and DJ Marshmello's upcoming Fortnite songs for today's event have been leaked ahead of the live show.

Fortnite is a video game, a meme machine, an occasional subject of controversy, and now. a concert venue.

It wouldn't be the first time a concert has gone down in a game, either. With damage turned off while at the concert, you got lobbies full of 60 people each doing Fortnite dances, the worm, the Marsh walk, and other insane emotes. The company disabled all game modes in the popular battle royale title 20 minutes leading up to the concert.

I've never been to a Marshmello concert, or any EDM show for that matter, but I can only assume this was a kid-friendly version of what takes place. As previously mentioned, the Showtime Challenge is a special set of three in-game challenges related to this particular Marshmello event. Like a custom skin, pickaxe, and dance emotes.

Concerned about dying or being eliminated during the Marshmello concert? There's just something about massive community events that bring people together. Glowsticks are also available as an Emote for 800 V-Bucks. "That was the whole thing, so you know, in the very early workings of it all we weren't sure what could be handled as far as bandwidth and stuff like live voice, and live everything", Marshmello confirmed with Courage. Worry no more! Those who are taken out will re-spawn in order to continuing listening to the exclusive Fortnite set.



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